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Harry Houdini

No description

Melissa C

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Harry Houdini

HARRY HOUDINI Real Name: Ehrich Weiss March 24, 1874 Budapest, Hungary in EVENTS THAT DEEPLY AFFECTED ME: circus came to Appleton (annually) meeting Bess Rahner (part of the Floral Sisters) "Hancuff King" read memoirs of Robert-Houdin at age 17 -French magician from mid-nineteenth century death of mother, Cecilia Weiss meeting Martin Beck (big break into Vaudeville industry) Where I lived: All over Europe and America Budapest, Hungary Appleton, Wisconsin-age 2 Milwaukee, Wisconsin-age 8 New York City, NY - age 13 Close Friends/Family Members Theodore "Dash" Hardeen Cecilia Weiss Bess Rahner Arthur Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Metamorphosis Handcuff Challenge THE BOX
CHALLENGE Anything world's largest envelope (without tearing it)
giant-sized football
man-sized sausage skin
glass box popular variety show theaters -where I got my name from Milk Can Escape Disappearing Elephant Chinese Water Toture Cell LATER LIFE Disappointments Robert-Houdin didn't actually invent/create all the tricks he said he did failed to support family became obsessed with revealing all fake mediums go to séances disguise myself discover their techniques expose their techniques to others one of harder mediums to expose Margery (real name=Mina Crandon) Margery with ectoplasm substance that comes out of the mouth/nose/ear/etc. of the medium a spirit's physical shape-let's them move objects in the dark box structure built to prove Margery to be a fake WHY: performed after WW1
take advantage of feelings and beliefs for $$$
taking game too far - hurts people (understands because of death of mother) TIME PERIOD World War 1 U.s declare war against Germany on B-day 2 million dollars' worth HUGE supporter of war in war bonds Money for Nothing Act 1 gold coin/ soldier $250,000 worth Houdini with "doughboys" (U.s Army/Marine Corps.) performed for soldiers going to war and soldiers in hospitals broke ankle during Chinese Water Torture Act in Albany, New York 1 hour 30 min. Perform yet another amazing feat... hold breath underwater
in airtight casket DEATH Machpelah Cemetery in Glendale, Queens, New York Harry Houdini: Death Defying Showman, 2007, Rita Thievon Mullen, 124 Whitehead (student) want to see if true that I can stand the hardest blows to the abdomen I refused to see a doctor until next day when arrive in Detroit doctor say appendicitis and warn against show did show anyway and went to hospital afterwards appendix had already burst-spread infection throughout body
die on HALLOWEEN quit school around age 12/13 had to find job to help support family Why I chose Houdini: intruiged and curious about him for his risks Thoughts on Houdini before reading: only knew him as an escape artist that jumped off brideges wrapped in chains and padlocks After Reading: realized he was much more: magician, escape artist, actor, pilot became more impressed with him than I already was Houdini's affect on history: brought magic into world of entertainment one of first stage magicians to admit magic of not being real magic but illusion How this increased my knowlege/ affect my opinions: now know whole lot more about Houdini know more about time period Houdini lived in admire Houdini for all accomplishments find him a little foolish - e.g events leading up to his death Recommend? 1st book: yes, easy to understand with complete story on Houdini 2nd book: no, because was harder to pick out the main points needed for research purposes BOOKS: The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini, 1993, Ruth Brandon, 355 Why writer(s) wrote book(s): because of all the stunts he performed and for all of his achievements an interesting and unique man -it's not everyday you see someone escaping from a straighjacket while hanging upsidedown... Religion my performances -took them very seriously -my life centered around my acts -what I believed in became the first person to fly in Australia Straightjacket Escape
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