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Building Better Athletes

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Golf

There is an identical sequence of speed or energy generation for all great ball strikers. That sequence is: lower body first (red line on the graph above), trunk or torso second (green line), arms third (blue line), and the club last (maroon line). This sequence occurs during the downswing.

Why You Have It
Tight Hip Flexors, Weak Core, Glutes
Poor Body Control - Hip Hinge
Limitations Can Lead To
- Improper Swing Mechanics
- Compensation
- Injury
- Inconsistency
Swing Characteristics
Loss of Posture
Flat Shoulder Plane
Early Extension
Reverse Spine Angle
Hanging Back

Mobility, Stability, Strength
Training For

Add Distance to Every Club
Increase Conditioning
Reduce Injury
Improve Health
Training For Golf
1. Sequencing
2. Strength, Stability, and Mobility
3. Swing Mechanics - Common Defaults
4. Screen/Assessment
5. Warm-Up, Preparation
Specific Sequence
Hips, Torso, Arms, Club
Difference Between Pro and Amateur
No Matter Style or Form - End Result is the Same
Each Segment Builds Speed - Like a Whip
Better Sequence = Higher Club Speed, Consistency
PMRS - Position, Movement, Resistance, Speed
PMRS - Resistance and Speed
Stronger = Further
Hips/Glutes Are King
Fatigue - Late In Round
Muscle Slings
PMRS - Position and Movement
Control Positions and ROM
Transfer Power
PMRS - Position and Movement
Lead Leg IR
Rear Leg ER
Thoracic Ext/Rot
Shoulder Rot.
Injury Reduction

If Lacking Mobility or Stability
Poor Set-Up and Alignment
Compensations - Lean, Slouch, Tall
Swing Defaults
Reduced Energy Transfer
S Posture
C Posture
Loss of Posture
Flat Shoulder Plane
Early Extension
Reverse Spine Position
Hanging Back
How To Fix It
Thoracic Extension Mobility
Scapular Strength/Control
Body Control - Hip Hinge
How To Fix It
Retrain Sequencing
Overall Strength
LB/UB Dissociation - X-Factor
How to Fix It
Thoracic Rotation
Hip Mobility
Improve X-Factor
How To Fix It
Hip Mobility
Re-Educate Neuromuscular
How To Fix It
Hip Rotation Mobility
Core Stability
How to Fix It
Hip and Ankle Mobility
Hip/Core Strength
Body Control
Find Asymmetries, Imbalances, Weakness
Restrictions in Mobility, Stability, Strength Can Lead to Swing Defaults
Prepare the Body For the Round
Increase Performance and Reduce Injury
Golf Requires High Forces and Velocities
Need to Prepare for These Forces/Velocities
Warm-Up To Swing Don‘t Swing to Warm-Up!

Earn the Right
to Rotate!
Separation of Hips and Shoulder
Related to Club Velocity
Requires Great Mobility, Stability
Takes Advantage of Muscle Slings
Thank You
Contact At:

What It Causes
Limits Rotation
Increases Risk of Lower Back Injury
Makes Sequencing Difficult
How To Fix It
Core Stability
Hip/Pelvis Mobility
Hip Strength
What It Causes
Limits Ability To Rotate
33% of Golfer Have It
Why You Have It
Poor Body Control
Tight Thoracic Spine
What It Causes
Loss of Body Angles
Inconsistency - All Over
Why You Have It
Lack of Sequencing
Poor Body Control/Feedback
General Weakness
What It Causes
Shoulder Rise
Why You Have It
Poor Thoracic Rotation
Poor Hip Mobility
Lack of X-Factor
What It Causes
Topping, Hooking
70% of Players Have It
95% of Pro's DO NOT
Why You Have It
Lack of Hip Rotation
Poor Hip "Knowledge"
What It Causes
Number 1 Cause of Back Pain
Excessive Loads on Spine
Loss of Spatial Awareness
Why You Have It
Poor Core Stability
Lack of Hip Rotation
Poor Sequencing
What It Causes
Loss of Power, Distance
Topping the Ball
Why You Have It
Lack of IR in Lead Leg
Poor Ankle Mobility
What It Causes
Loss of Power, Distance
Why You Have It
Lack of ER in Rear Leg
Poor Sequencing
Question #1
What Swing Characteristic Do 70%
Of Regular Golfers Have, But 95%
of Pro's Do Not?
Question #2
What Is The Correct
Sequencing Pattern
During A Golf Swing?
Question #3
Finish This Statement...
Don't Swing To Warm-Up
Thank You!
Questions, Concerns, Comments?
Contact Us At
Muscle Slings
Posterior Sling
Lats - Glute
Anterior Sling
Ext. Obliques - Adductors
Load - Unload
Stretch Shortening Effect
There is NOT 1 Way to
Swing a Club, Rather an
Infinite Number of Styles.

BUT There is 1 Efficient
Way For Every Unique

- Titleist Performance Institute
Questions ???????
Does Sequence Matter?
Major Areas
Bretzel - The Best Stretch You Can Do!
Thoracic Rotation - Check
Hip Extension - Check
X-Factor - Check
Hip Flexion - Check
Hip Dissociation - Check
Full transcript