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Preposition Island

Welcome to Preposition Island! Aim for the treasure at the end of the white path! "We're off to find the treasure! The wonderful prepositional gold!"

Cynthia Li

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Preposition Island

Cindy and Jessica Preposition Island! You have just docked on the shores of Preposition Island!
There is a prize waiting for you at the marked "x"; to attain this prize, follow the white path!
"We're off to find the treasure! The wonderful prepositional gold!" What is a preposition? link nouns or pronouns to other words in the sentence (objects) Prepositions: Jack Sparrow eludes from the local Mexican fishermen. ? What are some examples of prepositions? Here's a short list: about
behind beside
in/into near
upon Skipper Gilligan Mrs. Howell Professor Hinkley Mary Ann Summers Ginger Mr. Howell Commonly misused Prepositions: A Let's get down to business! between vs. among different from vs.
different than between: two people/things
among: more than two people/things different from: used most often
different than: avoid AWKS-ness, usually followed by a clause *clause = subject + predicate B 1. To Chuck, Wilson is different from other volleyballs.
2. To Chuck, Wilson is different than other volleyballs. Spot the Correct Sentence! Spot the Correct Sentence! 1. A tense relationship was shared between Ralph and Jack.
2. A tense relationship was shared among Ralph and Jack. Let's get down to more business! Prepositional Phrases is a phrase that starts with a preposition and finishes with a noun or pronoun;
can be used as adjective or adverb Nim was stranded on an island. A Let's get down to business...for the last time! *Psych! ...there's another one after this! B Let's get down to business for the last time! for reals! The seal and Nim swam toward the island. (adverb)
The water around the island was lukewarm. (adjective) Skip a few... then another... and some more... and we're there! CHEESE GALORE!!! #1: noun/pronoun
#2: preposition
#3: object Visual Representation of the Importance of Prepositions ? ? #1-3 #1-4 #1-4 #1-2 Now for your (real) prize...
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