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Go Local Support Local [English]


Sarah D

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Go Local Support Local [English]

The local economy is made up of many actors What is Go Local? Go Local Support Loc al is a grassroots initiative that aims to reinvigorate Jordan’s local economy. It is a:

Unifying movement to support local enterprise
Support mechanism for businesses facing tough times
Community-building campaign
Means to encourage local entrepreneurship
Way to engender civic mindedness
Network of like-minded people
Marketing and publicity tool
Consumer awareness program In Jordan, an ecosystem of
local initiatives is in full bloom... Supporting local has an important effect on the country's economy Who does support, and how? Farmer Business Owner Factory Workers Driver Distributor Consumer Agricultural co-ops Environmental campaigns Charitable causes Industrial development Creative projects Start-ups The Public Balance of trade is the difference between a country's imports and exports.
Diversifies opportunities for local employment and stops brain drain
Supports local entrepreneurship, helping businesses survive
Pushes local businesses to outperform foreign competitors
Connects consumers and businesses to the local community Jordan's balance of trade has been in decline for the last 10 years Media and public awareness: billboards, magazines, TV spots, online campaigns
Partner engagement: through Go Local branding on products, websites, social media, etc.
Partner promotion: through social media and marketing campaign
Targeted campaigns: like signing on a local supermarket to jump-start the Go Local Support Local Farmers & Producers campaign Who How So join us and... Injects money back into the local economy, creating more jobs
Creates economies of scale (the more you produce, the cheaper it is)
Helps reduce adverse environmental impact Each one with a unique, important
role to play Jordan's balance reached an all time low of nearly JOD -1 billion in January 2012. Businesses Artists &
Musicians Community-Based Organizations Farmers & Producers ...But proper networks of support have yet to be established http://www.golocaljo.com/ http://www.golocaljo.com/ Click here!
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