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Why We Should Get A Dog

No description

Mitchell Coyle

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Why We Should Get A Dog

Why We Should Get A Dog
Cost of Owning a Dog
Cute Dogs

Many reasons why we should get a dog
1. Friendship 2. Love 3. Fun 4. Protection 5. They keep you in shape 6. Affection 7. They teach responsibility 8. They live a long time 9. They are good company 10. They always have energy 11. They love games 12. They will go anywhere with you 13. They are easy to train 14. They get sweeter with age

Best Dogs For Us
The Beagle
This Gentle and intelligent dog has been around for over 2,000 years, the modern breed was developed in Great Britain around 1830.
Traits: Beagles range from 20-35 pounds when full grown, They have Short hair, they have a life span of 12-15 years, Most Beagles appear tricolor with Brown, Black, and White fur, Beagles are generally healthy dogs but can get ear infections due to the lack of air flow under their ears.
These dogs love the outdoor and need a yard to explore and play in, These adorable little dogs are relatively easy to train with some treats and positive reinforcement.
The Basenji
This playful and curious dog is arguably the most ancient dog breed although the modern breed comes from central Africa the Basenji originated from Chineses or southeast Asian wolves.
Traits: These dogs are nicknamed the bark less dog, Basenjis are 1 foot 5 inches tall and 22-24 pounds when full grown, they are a healthy breed, They live about 10-12 years, The Basenji is like a cat where it washes itself and gives off no smell, it is a short haired hypoallergenic breed that sheds little to no hair, these dogs are easy to train at a young age and they long to please you.
The Jack Russell Terrier
This energetic little dog has been around since 1819 when a hunting enthusiast John Russell needed an all white fox hunting dog.
Traits: These dogs get to 1 foot and 3 and about 14 to 18 pounds, They usually have black or brown spots with the rest of the coat being white, Their life span is 13-16 years, and they will have a healthy life, these little dogs do shed (so that means more vacuuming for me).
Cairn Terrier
These active Scottish dogs originated in the Scottish highlands in 1500, they were brought to England in 1909 with the name of short haired Skye terrier witch was to close to the Skye terrier so it was renamed to the Cairn Terrier.
Traits: These little dogs are hypoallergenic, They grow up to 13 inches and 10-15 pounds, they have a long life span of 12-17 years, these dogs have thick and sort fur but shed very little, they need daily walks and are active inside, they are a healthy breed with few issues.
They may look familiar: Willie the soccer dog and Toto from the Wizard of Oz.
Australian Terrier
The Australian Terrier was developed to assist its owner during work in the rugged Australian Outback. He worked side by side with pioneers to control vermin and snake populations and help tend livestock. It was the first breed to be recognized as native to Australia in 1868.
Traits: This courageous and loyal dog are great snake and rodent hunters, They grow from 9-11 inches and 11 to 16 pounds, These little guys do shed but they are hypoallergenic, they are one of the most trainable dog breeds, these are great little dogs.
Norfolk Terrier
In the 1880s, British sportsmen developed a working terrier. The Norwich Terrier and later the drop-eared variety now known as the Norfolk Terrier, were believed to have been developed by crossing local terrier-like dogs, small, short-legged Irish Terrier breeds and the small red terriers in Norfolk England.
Traits: This spirited little dog is hypoallergenic but requires a good weekly brush to get rid of all the dead hairs, they can live for 12-15 years and weigh 10-14 pounds and stand 9-10 inches when full grown, these little dogs are great companions.
Norwich Terrier
Just like their earlier relatives the Norfolk Terrier they are affectionate and loving dogs developed in the late 1800s and early 1900s in Norwich England.
Traits: They live 12-15 years and grow 9-11 inches tall weighing about 10-12 pounds when full grown, These are fearless dogs but are never aggressive, these dogs are hypoallergenic and shed very little, their coats should be as natural as possible.
Italian Greyhound
The name of the breed is a reference to the breed's popularity in Renaissance Italy. Mummified dogs very similar to the Italian Greyhound (or small Greyhounds) have been found in Egypt, and pictorials of small Greyhounds have been found in Pompeii, and they were probably the only accepted companion-dog there. Dogs similar to Italian Greyhounds are recorded as having been seen around Emperor Nero's court in Rome in the first century AD

Traits:The Italian Greyhound is the smallest of the sight hounds, typically weighing about 10 to 18 pounds and standing about 13 to 15 inches tall. Though they are in the "toy" group based on their weight, they are larger than other dogs in the category due to their slender bodies, Italian Greyhound makes a good companion dog and enjoys the company of people. However, the breed's slim build make them somewhat fragile it prefers a quiet household but they are also generally fine with older children although they tend to do best in spacious areas. They are fast, agile and athletic. Like any dog, daily exercise is a must for a happier, well-adjusted pet. Italian greyhounds love to run. Italian Greyhounds instinctively hunt by sight and have an extremely high predator drive. Owners of Italian Greyhounds should typically keep their dogs leashed at all times when not in an enclosed area to avoid the risk of even a well-behaved pet breaking away at high speed after a small animal
Border Terrier
The Border Terrier originates in, and takes its name from the Scottish borders. Their original purpose was to bolt foxes which had gone to ground. They were also used to kill rodents, but they have been used to hunt otters and badgers too.
Life span 12 - 15 years
Personality: Affectionate, Intelligent, Alert, Obedient, Even Tempered, Fearless
Height 13–16 inches
Weight: 10-15 pounds
These dogs are hypoallergenic and don't shed much.

Food and Treats: $200 per year
Toys: $25-75 per year
Beds: $50 initial cost
Leashes and Collars: $20-50 initial cost
Grooming: $30-300 per year depending on dog
Veterinary Care: about $500 per year
Medication (bug and flea repellants): $100 per year
Then the initial cost of buying and adopting a dog it can be $50-100 at a shelter and much more at a breeder depending on the type of dog.
We Want to Get Adopted Today
I am currently save all my money so I will have enough to adopt a dog and take care of it. I have $150 saved and i will save more. I have enough for the initial adoption and I need more for food, treats, toys, bed, Ect.
Other Dog Breeds For Us
The 2nd and 3rd best dogs for us would be the bark less Basenji and the small loving and cute Border Terrier. Both of these dogs breeds are hypoallergenic, family friendly and fairly common, so it will be easy to find the perfect adoptable pet
My 4th choice would be the Italian Greyhound which is also Hypoallergenic, Cute, loving and small.
Benefits of Having a Dog
Having a dog will make me spend more time with family
Having a dog is fun for the whole family everyone will play with him and he will keep us entertained, we can go on family walks together, he can go on hikes with us, swim with us and have fun with us.
I will spend more time outside if we get a dog
You don't like when I sit around all day on my computer or watching TV now I will be out side playing with a dog, it will help to unplug me from the electronic age and have a simpler childhood with a Dog friend.
Having a Dog can improve Mental Health
Having a dog is a great form of therapy people who own dogs are known to live longer and happier, a dog knows when you are upset and will do anything to comfort you, dogs also know when you are stressed and will relive that by cheering you up.
Having a Dog will Make you feel Secure
Homes that have dogs are much less likely to get robbed, once trained not only will the dog be our life long companion but will be a protector and when I am home alone a dog will make me feel secure and protected.
Dogs Will Teach me Responsibility
Having a dog will make me learn to be a careful responsible person, having a dog will teach me how to follow a routine I'll have to feed, walk, and let the dog out for the bathroom at certain times, having a dog will make me go to bed earlier so i can get up earlier to walk it, and having a dog will teach me the value of being responsible for another living thing.
Dogs will Help you Reach your Fitness Goal
Dogs encourage you to exercise more and more exercise means you feel better overall.
Me: A Dog will help me keep in shape for soccer.
Megan: If Megan ever wants to walk the dog it will help her for Color Guard.
Dad: A dog will keep you in overall good shape.
Mom: A dog will help you fit into your Skinny clothes again that you always say you want to do.

Your Concerns
Dog Walking
One concern you might have is that I wont walk the dog so I have made a Dog walking schedule.
Most dogs need 2-3 30 minute walks every day
First Walk: Short Morning Before school at 5:30 to let him outside to use the bathroom. Then he will stay in the house until I Get home or someone else could walk him before that.
Second Walk: When I come home after school at 2 or after soccer.
Third Walk: Before or after dinner between 7 and 8.
The Dog Destroying the House
You may be concerned about your shoes and couch getting destroyed but there are easy ways to avoid that. One way is to get a young dog past their initial teething period of 5-8 weeks old we should get a dog around 8 weeks old when they have their full mouth of teeth, next buy a variety of chew toys for the young dog to chew on, when dogs are teething their mouth hurts so they chew on things with different textures to find something that relives the pain getting many different toys will avoid this.
Where will the dog Stay when we are away? Well lets find out
There are multiple options for where the dog can stay when we are away. One option is a Kennel that I would pay for that range from 15-30$ a day, you can put them in a kennel where they walk them feed them and take care of them. Next is my friend Sam who has 2 small dogs and he said if our dog is friendly with his dogs he would watch them for a couple days if he can, but he is our back up, I am going to call aunt Tina and Aunt Lori when mom gets home and find out if they wouldn't mind taking the dog for a couple weeks since they both have dogs.
I will Get Bored of the Dog
This is another concern you may have that I will stop caring for a Dog after a month but I am willing to wait and keep discussing the idea of getting a dog to show you that it is not just a passing phase and if I am willing to invest my own money into a dog you would think its a big deal.
That you will Have to pay for the Dog Yourself
I am willing to put all my money into adopting and raising a dog. The money I get in the future I will put towards paying for Vet visits, Toys, Food and all the things the Dog needs in life.
These are small to medium sized dogs that have a very stable, sporty stature with alert, expressive eyes. Adorable. Cavachons stand 10 and 15 inches high and weighs between 10 and 25 pounds. These dogs are loving and friendly my friend Sam has one that is so nice and friendly it will even sit on a strangers lap, they have hair not fur which means they are hypoallergenic, They also look even more adorable with shorter hair, every one likes this dog (mommy, Megan, Me and every one else who meets one). These dogs are perfect for neat freaks who dont want hair on them, people with allergies and familys.
Examples Of Me not getting Bored Of Things
One Example of is Photography, I got an expensive camera at Christmas and I brought it with me on our Africa Trip and I am going to take Photography classes this year and Sophomore year, I spent money on my new lens and I have not and will not get bored of Photography because it is something I like to do, The same thing with a Dog if I spend money getting a dog and I would love to have a dog you would think that i would take care of it and love it the rest of my life(just like I really wanted a good camera, now if I had never gotten that camera I would have never found out that it is something I would like to do the rest of my life)
Number One Dog
Our number one dog is the
chon a mix breed dog between the
lier King Charles Spaniel and the Bi
Friese (red=where it gets the name)
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