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U5.A1 - Sports Coaching

No description

Broms PE

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of U5.A1 - Sports Coaching

Unit 5
Sports Coaching
Introduction to Sports Coaching
Task 1
What is Coaching?
Write some keys words or a sentence of what you think coaching actually is
"Sports coaching develops people through improving their performance."
Sports Coach UK
Why be a coach?
Why might individuals become a sports coach?
Roles of a Coach
Many expectations are put upon a coach. Some of these are fairly clear cut, others less so.
Coaching and playing sport should always be enjoyable and because of this, coaches should not be overburdened by expectations.
Common sense and good knowledge of safety and ethics will provide the basis of a responsible coach.
Task 2
Role model

Identify the main roles of a coach, choosing four of these roles to describe in detail. Relate your roles to different sporting examples.
Learning Outcome 1
A coach has responsibilities to the participants in their coaching session and also to:
the participants' parents or guardians
the club or school that the coach is representing
other coaches who may be involved in the delivery of the session
the sport that the coach is representing, for example in a football session a coach will be representing the Football Association and the sport of football
Student Activity
Within your pair, you will be given a responsibility to research
Summarise your findings on the A4 paper provided.
Learning Outcome 1-Q2
Identify the main responsibilities of a coach, choosing four of these responsibilities to describe in detail. Relate your responsibilities to coaches from different sporting examples.
Skills required for coaching
Unit 5 BTEC -Sports Coaching
Consider the following question?
Who does a coach have responsibility for?
What responsibilities does a coach have?
Responsibilities of Coaches
In your allocated groups:

Continuing with the same topic, use the internet/key text books to support/develop your research on:

1. What does a coach need to consider within each responsibility
Health and Safety
Equal Opportunities
Legal Obligations

Kes (1969)
Health and Safety Scenario

A player turns up to a game with no football boots, you have no spares. As a coach do you let them play?
Today is an important league derby, the pitch is icy in areas, the other team want to play-as a coach what do you do?
Professional Conduct
Today's lesson
BTEC SPORT -Starter activity
On the whiteboard, write down something you did/covered in last lesson?
10 mins
1.Recap Tuesday’s lesson
2.Continue to research three responsibilities’ – via internet/key text books
3.Identify the key areas of Health and Safety, Legal Obligations and Equal Opportunities
4.Understand the remaining areas of responsibility - identifying what needs to be considered within each area (3 areas)
5. Summarise the key points of professional conduct, continued professional development and knowledge of recent changes in sport
6.Understand the task requirements for Q2
Group Task
Look at your research and identify:

Something new you have learnt
Two areas you feel must be discussed with your allocated responsibility
Responsibilities continued...........
In your new group: complete the following tasks

1. Within a group discussion identify what each responsibility involves (you will be allocated one responsibility each)
(5 mins)
2. Support your ideas with research from the internet /key text books
(10 mins)
3. Sum up in a few words (for the rest of the group) what each responsibility involves
(5 mins)
Code of Conduct
Produce a Code of Conduct with your peers for when you are coaching - as a group make it clear what
you have of everyone who coaches at St Mary's College.
Period 3 -
1.Recap the requirements of the task
2.To begin the production of coursework with tutor support
3.Be fully aware of the submission date for Q2


Learning Outcome 1 -question 2

Tuesday 24th September
Merit Criteria
Explain four roles/responsibilities
Explain three skills
(evidence, back up, detail, factual, reasons)
Merit Criteria -My work
Go back through your work and ensure you have completed the following:

Explain the roles (how does this role impact performance/team/individual, why is it important?
Explain the responsibilities(how does this responsibility impact performance/team/individual, why is it important?
Explain the skills(how does this skill impact performance/team/individual why is it important?
1. Name the movie ?

2. In box 1of your post it note. Write down the effect this coach's team talk would have on you if you were their .
Sports Coaches are vital to the success of a range of sports
They are at the heart of participation and performer development
Whether they coach an after school club or are a top international coach, they are at the very centre of the development of sport
Coaches can contribute positively to the development of individuals, not just physically, but also socially and emotionally
2.Now in pairs: Compare the list you have found and add to your original list.

b. List the skills a good coach will need to coach athletes
1.On your own- List the different roles of a sports coach
As a group
: Compare your list and create a spider diagram of the roles and skills of a coach.

Checking for Learning
In your 4 th box write down 1 question you could ask somebody else about today's lesson.....You must know the answer
Write this down in box 3
Enjoy seeing the athletes/individuals succeed
A boost to the ego-personal reward and glory
A leisure pastime/hobby
To help out the local club-parent
Employment- money
The challenge
Ex-player - keep involved with the sport
Learning out comes
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