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Pornography: The Pros and Cons

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Mina Trandafilovski

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Pornography: The Pros and Cons

Pornography: The Pros and Cons
Can Pornography be Beneficial?
Makes Viewers more comfortable with naked bodies of the opposite and/or same sex.
Makes sex less of a taboo subject and more acceptable in society.
In a survey of 688 young adults (316 men, 372 women), respondents found the viewing of hardcore pornography to be beneficial to their sex lives, their attitudes toward sex and the opposite sex.
Porn is Educational!
Pornography is usually the first time teenagers see genitals of the opposite sex.
Pornography can be used as a valuable learning tool.
Surveys show that due to Sexual Education in schools only pointing out the donts of intercourse, most teenagers turn to viewing pornography to learn the dos and the more intimate side of sex.
Can save relationships. Thinking of cheating on your significant other? Watch porn instead! :D
Porn can also be a way to spark up a dead sex life.
A Canadian study of 340 women between the ages of 18 and 41 showed that the participants who believed that their partners were honest about porn use found more satisfaction in their relationships.
The Economics of Pornography
Pornography is one of the only careers where women get paid more than men.
Actors receive $400 to $1000 per shoot. Wowzers.
Pornography is the #1 use for the Internet, with social networks at a close second.
According to The New York Times, the Porn Business makes 10 to 14 billion dollars in annual sales.
As a Career Choice?
Extremely well paying job ($400-$1000 a shoot)
Very safe - All actors are tested regularly.
There's No Business Like Porn Business
Safety Concerns?
• A study conducted in 2012 found that 66% of actors had herpes, and 7% had HIV AIDS.
• Shockingly, only 7% of actors wear condoms in films.
• Not only does this put many actors at risk, but it advertises unprotected sex to a young and naive group - teenagers.
• The actors and actresses that star in adult films create an unrealistic ideal about how men and women should appear to be attractive.

What's the Difference for Women?
Tasha Reign - Top Rated Actress of 2013
Average American Woman
What's the Difference For Men?
James Deen - Top Rated Actor of 2013
Average American Man
Realistic Sex?
• The acts that are seen in pornographic films are not realistic in the least.
The Effects of these Unrealistic Ideals
• The men and women in these films create very unrealistic expectations in sexual partners, which often leads to disappointment.

• It also leads to issues of low self esteem in both sexes.
• Over 30 years, pornography has become much more perverted.

• In the 70s and 80s porn was just nude men and women in erotic poses.

• Now pornography includes children, animals, bodily fluids, and other completely bizarre things such as cars and fire.
Effects of Perversion
• The viewing of bizarre and perverted pornography can completely desensitize the viewer.

• The viewer is desensitized to seeing gore and strange things, they are completely normal in the viewers mind.

• It makes arousal much more difficult because the viewer is desensitized to normal things, therefore needing more extreme and explicit content.
• Pornography has become much more violent in nature.

• A study in 2013 took the 50 top selling adult films of that year and analyzed them.

• 88% of the films showcased aggression which included rape, gagging, choking, hair pulling, beating, and slapping across the face.

• 49% included verbal aggression which included rape threats, physical threats, and very nasty insults - all directed towards the woman.
What Does This Do to Women?
• Pornography portrays women as sex crazed, loose, easy, willing to do anything for sex, and completely submissive.

• Women in these films put up virtually no resistance, making the male completely dominant.

• These things show women as nothing but sexual obejcts.
• Although pornography is nothing but a fantasy movie, it affects the lives of many actresses.

• Former actress Tanya Burleson stated in an interview that "women in porn do drugs because of the way they are treated. 79% have used marijuana, 50% have used ecstasy, 44% cocaine, and 19% other hallucinogens."

Nothing but an Item in a Category
• The women in pornography are categorized by their hair colour, eye colour, body type, race, and sexual act.

• This categorization depicts women as nothing but commodities for entertainment.

• Some would argue that this is somewhat dehumanizing to a lesser extent.
Good outlet for sexual frustration, diminishing possibilities of rape.
Actors are well treated, and participate on their own free will, due to auditions, casting, etc...
1) Figure out your porn star name!

Childhood Pet + Name of childhood street
2) Get into groups and discuss... Can pornography be a form of art?
Watch this cool video about porn!
Can Pornography be Art?
Can porn not be seen as the celebration of the human body?
Works of art are intended to bring forth emotions. Does porn not do that? Why is eroticism viewed differently?
Art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Can this not apply to porn?
Relationship Corner
• This horrendous portrayal and treatment of women carries over to real life relationships.

• Pornography is actually the cause of many conflicts in relationships - whether it be porn addiction, or forcing experimentation upon one partner.

• According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, in 2011 56% of marriages ended with pornography being one of the main reasons.
To Conclude
Despite our own views on the matter, fortunately or unfortunately, pornography will always exist. Whether it is ethical or unethical, it will always be one of the richest industries on the market. People will always be able to debate wether it is artful or not, but what is key is to recognise and develop one's side, and always be open to discussion.
Thank You.
Token for Love?
• In terms of sex being a token for "love" , pornography does not show any type of love, emotion, or eroticism.

• Pornography only depicts the physical aspect of sex - the body.

• Sends the message to girls that they need to have sex in order to secure love and affection from men.
Sex Sells
• All of this in turn strips sex of its value, intimacy and emotion.

• Sex is now more of a casual activity people partake in when they are frustrated, bored, or willing to indulge in pleasures.

• Sex has become very commercialized in the past decade.
• In groups of 3-4, discuss the following question:

With the amount of rather over-sexualized advertisement, is pornography more morally justifiable? Why or why not?
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