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Fear And North Korea

No description

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Fear And North Korea

North Korea alienates foreign aid and uses its nuclear leverage as a tactic to instill fear in the eyes of the people. Korea also requires military service among men and women between the ages of 15-30 years old. Using propagandized training to instill fear among the people that they are always being watched. The picture described on the bottom would be used to encourage North Koreans to enlist in the military because the picture would scare Koreans into fighting for the military so that Americans don't do that to there people.

In North Korea The education praises leaders that have fought americans for example, in North Korea they praise the leader of Vietnam for fighting the americans they also teach about how good Kim Jong Il. In North Korea it is Taboo to question the teacher and the history being taught is very contradictory. The picture we used would be used in school to instill fear among the people to show that americans who fight against the north Koreans will do terrible things to their people, which causes fear among north Korean students to enlist in the military. This poster is used to "educate the young" on Americans and what they do. The students will fear for not only their live, but the lives of their families as well.

The media reports on kim jong il daily schedule. Press organisation cited Kim jong il as a “Predator of press freedom”. Mobile phones were banned in 2004 and Internet is available only to the elite. The internet is also limited to a few websites. The pictures below would be one of the few posters allowed on the streets to advertise because it is not derogatory to Korea and would encourage North Koreans to enlist, and along with that. If the Koreans are united in fighting one enemy they can't work together to overthrow the North Korean dictatorship. If the people are scared of an external threat, why would they be scared of there government.
The mistreatment, tampering, or discarding any paper with kim jong il will result in criminalizing and punishment. Propaganda machine cranks out only good news about the great leader. These two posters use fear to make the Korean people fearful for their children. They use fear to cause hate for the enemy, not the government.

They make kim jong il and his father look like god by using propagated ideas. Pictures of kim jong il and his father are posted up in house, schools, and in public areas. The pictures are ment to be worshipped on like a god. Anything that damages Kim jong il image is discarded. Anyone who tries to defect from the idea that kim jong il is the all defying god will be put into a internment camp. Their great leader uses political intemidation and censorship to make anyone wanting to stand up on their government. Both posters would cause any one who defies the great leader to side with the Americans. This would make them look like a baby killer and part of the demonic army known as America.

Fear And North Korea
By: JP Harnden, Justin Le, Meghan Gregston, and Amanda Rubyal
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Countin' money you know how it goes
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