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Plot Diadram for Mark of Athena

No description

Mary Prachthauser

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Plot Diadram for Mark of Athena

Exposition The Greek demigods and Jason arrive at Camp Jupiter, the place where Roman demigods are trained(located near San Francisco) Point of Conflict Weapons were fired upon the Roman camp The seven demigods of the prophecy and their satyr chaperone Coach Hedge flee the Roman Camp. They head towards Rome to fulfill the prophecy to save the world from Gaia. Annabeth, one of the demigods must follow the Mark of Athena to find the Athena Parthenos. They go to the Great Salt Lake to look for supplies to repair their ship. Two of the demigods Leo and Hazel meet Nemesis the goddess of revenge. She gives Leo a fortune cookie that when oped will help with any challenge but will come with a price. The demigods headed towards Kansas because Piper one of the demigods saw a vision in her blade. They met the Roman god of wine Bacchus. When Bacchus left Percy and Jason became possessed by eidolons. Percy and Jason almost killed each other but Piper got Percy's pegasus Blackjack to knock them out. When Piper got the boys back to the ship, she finds out with the others that Percy and Jason were still possessed so she used her charmspeak to make the eidolons leave. The demigods go to Atlanta. The girls Piper, Hazel and Annabeth meet Aphrodite, Piper's mom, and tells Annabeth that the map is in Fort Sumter. Percy and Frank go to an aquarium because Bacchus sent them there to find a god. They end up becoming trapped but break free and want to free the magical creatures trapped in a drugged state. PLOT DIAGRAM FOR
THE MARK OF ATHENA They go to Charleston to find a map. The boys go to a museum to look for the map. Romans have been following them and a battle breaks out at Fort Sumter. They get away with the map and continue the voyage to Rome. The ship was attacked by a skolopendra. Frank, Leo and Hazel were saved by fish centaurs who promised to take care of the aquarium issue. The demigods have smooth sailing until they get to the Pillars of Heracles. Heracles sends Piper and Jason to get the horn of the river god Achelous. After hearing the river god's story Piper and Jason felt bad and refused to give the horn to Heracles. Percy has a foreshadowing dream of the fate of Annabeth's quest. The ship the demigod are traveling in, the Argo II, was attacked by Chrysaor, The Golden Sword. The demigods fend them off and end up sinking the enemy ship. Annabeth's solo quest starts with help from Tiberinus and Rhea Silvia. Annabeth uses her wits to escape a cave full of angry ghosts. After escaping the cave, Annabeth broke her ankle. She used her ingenuity to make a splint. Then she continued her quest. Annabeth enters a chamber and finds the statue. Then Arachne appears. Meanwhile Jason, Piper and Percy battle two giants and gain the help of Bacchus and defeat the giants. Annabeth told Arachne she would show her tapestries on Mount Olympus. Annabeth tricked Arachne into weaving her own chinese handcuffs trap. The Argo II comes to the rescue by crashing through the ceiling of the cave. Some cars from the parking lot above knocking Arachne into Tartarus. The Argo II atches grapling hooks to the stature to lift it into the ship but the ground starts to cave in. The rest of the group get out of the cave safley but Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus. Climax *NOTE* there is no resolution in this book because it is a cliff hanger CHARACTERS
Percy Jackson- Greek Demigod, son of Poseiden, part of the prophecy
Annabeth Chase- Greek Demigod, daughter of Athena (protagonist), part of the prophecy
Leo Valdez- Greek Demigod, son of Hephaestus, part of the prophecy
■Piper McLean- Greek Demigod, daughter of Aphrodite , part of the prophecy
Jason Grace- Roman Demigod, son of Jupiter, part of the prophecy
Hazel Levesque- Roman Demigod, daughter of Pluto, part of the prophecy
Frank Zhang- Roman Demigod, son of Mars, part of the prophecy
Coach Hedge- satyr chaperone
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