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It's Been "Sweded!"

A presentation about a sci-fi video project.

Ben McCorkle

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of It's Been "Sweded!"

Incorporating internet memes into assignment designs
It's Been "Sweded!"
# "I liked the 'sweded' presentations best."

# "Sweded presentations were amazing. Keep those going; group work is fun and rewarding."

# "sweded presentation/learning new technology"

# "The Sweded was the best. I hate discussion (too much discussion). ACTIVE learning!"

# "The 'sweded' presentations gave a fun way to look at an assignment: they were really awesome to do."

# "The sweded presentations definitely need more time to give better reflections."

# "Sweded. definitely sweded."

# "The sweded presentation deal was awesome and fun."

# "The projects were good, but didn't really help me understand the material any more."

# "the sweded presentation helped me loosen up. Maybe be more strict so people will adhere exactly to the specs."

# "Swede presentations were great stuff."

# "Sweded presentation was difficult because technology was a challenge."
English 553: 20th Century U.S. Fiction (Science Fiction)
ENG553 is an upper-level course (theme varies by instructor). For this course, I had students read, listen to, and view a variety of sci-fi texts across the century (including works by: Orson Wells, Ridley Scott, William Gibson, Octavia Butler, and others). Students wrote two main papers for the course, kept a "sci-fi scrapbook," and completed a collaborative group project: the "sweded" presentation.

[BN: I am not a literature person by training, but more of a dilettante from the field of rhet/comp who geeks out over the genre.]
This assignment is an in-class presentation consisting of two parts:

A 2-page response to the selected text, in which you offer us a short synopsis and discuss what/how it contributes to the sci-fi genre.

A "Sweded" version of the chosen text. Essentially, you'll create a short, parodic version of your selection based on the available means of production at your disposal (suggested final products might include: an edited movie, a digital slideshow with voiceover, an old-timey radio show, a short comic book, a mini-album complete with album art and liner notes, or something in a similar vein).
[Ben McCorkle | OSU-Marion | mccorkle.12@osu.edu |@illiac]
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