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Roberta Glennon-Rule

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Decisions

Drugs and alcohol

Pressure from Peers
Alcohol is a depressant so you may be influenced to drink if you are going through depression
How to say NO!
Blame it on Sports
Blame it on Parents
Say your Allergic
Just say No!
Walk away
Stop hanging around people who would even ask you to engage in drugs or alcohol.
What do you want to happen?
If you aren't ready to to do drugs or drink,then what are you ready to do,besides say NO?
Have a successful life
Have a good (HEALTHY) Life!
Get Help if needed
Affects of using drugs and Alcohol
Allergic reaction
Alcohol poisoning
Liver failure
Loss of Oxygen
Long Term Affects
You might go to jail
You may die
You might kill other people (accidental death,car accident..etc)
Drift away from family
Lose Friends
Get Fired
Get Sick
Evaluate Decision
So now that you have said no, how do you feel about making that choice?
Katlyn-Happy that i said no
Roberta-Happy that i didn't ruin my life
Michael-Good,so i don't get into drugs.
Select Decision
What is your choice?
if someone asks you to do drugs or drink,what is your decision?

Katlyn-Just say no! and Walk away
Alyssa-Not interested.
Roberta-No thanks.
Michael-No thanks,Walk away.
Done By-

Katlyn Tews
Roberta Glennon-Rule
Alyssa Morenzetti
Michael Henderson
Example #1
If You were with a group of friends and they asked you to smoke marijuana what would you say?
Example #1 Answer
-Say that you arent interested and then stay away from that group of "friends"

Ask the Class!
If you were in that kind of situation would you decline the offer? or accept it?

Be SMART when making hard decisions
S- be Specific
M-be Measureable
A-be Achievable
R-be Relevant
T-be Time Bound
Master a Skill
1.Explain the skill
4.Persoalize the Skill
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