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2nd attempt

Originally the 2nd attempt, then revisited after not being happy with the others and made progress.

Justin Streich

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of 2nd attempt

Earn some additional income Have more free time Spend less money on
the things you want additional income Spend less money free time In this brief intro, we will show you how you can use Douley.com to... Find sales on items you plan to buy Get a Douley to do it! So you may be wondering Actually, a Douley is a "who" (and there are two types) "what is a Douley?" A proprietor that provides services at a significantly lower price Wow! That looks great! It must have cost a fortune! Not really...
I know a guy. Douley #1 In other words, "I got a Douley to do it!" Get the projects you thought you couldn't afford done Why use Douley.com Reason #1 & 2 Get the ones you can afford done for less But Wait! Douley.com uses patent pending technology (and some regular ol' technology) that makes finding a Douley fast and easy. This is NOT a want ad site If a service is offered here you will see
it listed if
you live here but not if you
live here Douley's list their services "geospatially" so you see what is actually available to you For example Someone in your neighbourhood that take's care of simple, yet time consuming tasks. Douley #2 Replace your expensive service company with a local provider You also set your list for services within an area you are willing to travel to. like a groomer! Why use Douley.com Reason #3 & 4 Get a Douley to do it! So you... or perhaps you are one of the over 16% of Canadians who are self-employed? In that case Already have too much time on your hands? Why use Douley.com Reason #5... or finally find someone affordable enough to hire on your budget Douley's can list their services for free by describing: their service area
how they charge
when they are available
If they use their own equipment If there is more than one Douley for any given service, they are listed in order of their rank. A Douley cannot "buy" themselves to the top of our list. Rank is earned (and kept) by delivering on promises and satisfying customers. Local stores can also use Douley.com to inexpensivley promote themselves in spesific areas of the city If I could find a good bike on sale, I wouldn't have to settle for the ones at the big box stores... I don't need a web site using the e-flier option and I only pay for the fliers requested by interested consumers! Why use Douley.com Reason #6... Get a Douley to do it! .com Get a Douley to do it! Welcome to Douley.com
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