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Literary London

Study Abroad in London, June 2013

Marc Guidry

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Literary London

Study Abroad in London
Summer I 2013 SFA's European Study Consortium
offers 12 different classes in London. Art History
Prof. Carolyn Fox-Hearne ART 281 (prehistory
to 1400)
ART 282 (1400
to 1900) Communication
Dr. Sudeshna Roy COM 170 (interpersonal)
COM 435 (intercultural) English
Dr. Marc Guidry ENG 221 (Literary London)
ENG 426 (Arthurian England) History
Dr. Perky Beisel HIS 134 (US from 1877)
HIS 414 (American
Architectural) Mass Comm/Media
Dr. Linda Bond MCM 205 (Media
MCM 401 (Meet the
Media in London) Philosophy
Dr. Anne Collins Smith PHI 153 (Intro)
PHI 333 (Philosophy
of Harry Potter) For each course, each week
you meet 1 day for 3 hours
in the classroom,
& take
1 field trip. You will live in
Harrow Hall,
a dorm at
Westminster University
in northwest London. http://www.westminster.ac.uk/study/prospective-students/student-accommodation/halls-of-residence/harrow-hall The cost for this 4-week program
is about $5,250, including
London Tube,
BritRail transportation,
health insurance,
& fieldtrips. The first 30 qualified students
to apply by December 3, 2012,
receive up to $1,100 in
scholarships towards
their program costs. To apply, contact
the SFA Study Abroad Office http://www.sfasu.edu/oip/244.asp Students in the program
take 2 courses
(6 credit hours).
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