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No description

Sohshi Shigeuchi

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Office-Tamagoya

kaori, Koh, Michino, Nobu, Sohshi Office-Tamagoya 1. Introduction
2. Customer analysis
3. Competitor analysis
4. Business Plan
5. Synergy effect
6. Financial Plan Agenda -Product
half food
Office Office workers We Offer Introduce business plan
-Convenience store dishes
-Daily dishes, such as a supermarket
-Dining out in a restaurant, a tavern, etc. Competitor Desire for nutritious, easily-cooked
and not time-consuming dishes. Office workers Target Business Plan This solution is Office- Office-Tamagoya Please give me an order of goods in advance.
All goods are 430 yen per set. When you take out goods, please put into a price box.
Low-temperature maintenance of the inside of a box is carried out for the quality maintenance of goods.
The goods in BOX are delivered at the time of recovery of table setting.
A burden is not placed on installation of a box at all at the appearance like a place of business. Moreover, a maintenance also has responsibility and the serving staff of our company performs it. Office-glico What is Office-Tamagoya

  Business Plan Half-food means half-processing foods which is packaged as one-portion package. What is half-food? ・レバ野菜炒め・フキにし・ドレッシング添 Business Plan ・
we offer the simple sample to customers in order to cook easily by themselves. Business Plan Business Model Company Competitor Customer Question cooking easily and healthy dishes Business Chance Business Chance I would like to eat healthy-balanced dishes.

Lack of time for self-cooking. cook troublesome There is no company which can offer
both value of well-balanced and making easily to office workers. Competitor 13:00~15:00 Tell Fax internet Office walker Order received Office Office workers Home Value It cooks looking at a villa or website. Nutritional balance :
A feeling of self-cooking :
Quality of foods :
Handiness :

That’s awesome!!!! Office-Tamagoya Business Lunch Box Business UP UP Improve the attitude towards food
(slow food instead of fast food) satisfaction of self-cooking
self nutrition management Want to cook
Nutrition well-balanced meals
At home Delicious
Nutrition well-balanced
food Synergy effect Understanding suppliers half-food price: 430yen Processing How to make self-made easy Sample of the way to cook by using half-food at website and bills Bills website what is dishes which the office workers usually eat? Almost
65 % Almost
40 % What is an ideal eating habit?? How do you have dinner?? How do you have dinner??
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