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Mousetrap Car Project


Pancakes Waffles

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Mousetrap Car Project

What are two types of friction that affect the performance of your vehicle?
The car has to slowly accelerate and overcome the static and then rolling friction. If the arm is too long, it could stop the car from starting because of too much friction.
What problems related to friction did you encounter and how did you solve them?
Four wheels help with balance, more traction, and stability.
What factors did you take into account to decide the number of wheels you choose in your design?
The larger the wheel, the farther the car goes because the axles are connected directly to the wheels. The axle has a specified number of times it can turn, this reflects the number of rotations on the wheel, the larger the wheel, the more distance covered each rotation.
What kind of wheels did you use in each axle? What is effect of using large or small wheels?
The first law of motion, the lever arm is the unbalanced force acting upon the car to make it able to move from rest. The second law of motion states that the lighter the car, the faster it can go. The third law states that every action has a reaction, the lever arm pulls the axle to make the car move.
Explain how Newton’s first, second, and third laws apply to the pulling force of the wheels.
If the lever arm is too long, it would not allow the car to start easily. If the lever arm is too short, it would not allow the car to reach the maximum potential distance and then coast.
Discuss the effect of the length of the lever arm in the pulling force of your vehicle.
If the wheel is not centered, it will add drag to the car which will slow down the car, or possibly not allow it to move.
How is the balance of a wheel, around its center, related to the vehicle's performance?
Two types of friction that affect the car are static friction when the car is still, and rolling friction when the car is moving.
Two types of friction that affect the car are static friction when the car is still, and rolling friction when the car is moving.
How does the distribution of weight of the vehicle affect the traction of the wheels?
Wheel and axle as well as the lever are simple machines. The wheel and axle provide the ability for the car to move without adding drag. The lever makes the car able to move under it’s own power. The car weighs 1.28N. The lever arms has 1.7N potential force exerted.
Calculate the average speed of your car during the “test day”
Acceleration happened when the mouse trap was active. Deceleration happened when the lever arm had reached it's full extent of travel and the car was coasting. The car did not change direction at any time.
What simple machines are used in the car? How? Where? What was their mechanical advantage?
The back axles need weight, because without them, the wheels would spin freely.
In relationship to the lever arm, at which point was your car accelerating, decelerating, or changing direction if this occurred?
How does the distribution of weight of the vehicle affect the traction of the wheels?
Draw a diagram of your car with arrows and labels showing the forces influencing its movement.
The first string that was tried, was twine, and this caused too much friction against its self, which resulted in no movement from the back axle. The string that worked was fishing line, because it is frictionless.
Discuss the major problems encountered in the performance of your vehicle and what did you do to solve them.
Calculate how much power your car has. Show your work.
The average speed was 0.89623103 m/s.
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