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Native Americans- Inuit and Kwakiutl

4th Grade Unit on Native Americans

Shemaiah Youngblood

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Native Americans- Inuit and Kwakiutl

The Inuit and the Kwakiutl tribes Native Americans How did they get to America? Native Americans The Bering Strait also known as a land bridge From Asia across to Alaska The Inuit The Inuit lived in the Arctic regions of what is now Alaska and northern Canada. They are what we would call Eskimos The Inuit were fishers and hunters. They hunted whales, walrus, caribou, seal, polar bears, and birds.
Inuit made clothes and footwear from animal skins, sewn together using needles made from animal bones and threads made from other animal products,
During the winter, certain Inuit lived in a temporary shelter made from snow called an igloo, and during the few months of the year when temperatures were above freezing, they lived in tents made of animal skins supported by a frame of bones. The Kwakiutl The Kwakiutl Indians are original people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. They live in British Columbia, Canada and parts of Washington State.

The Kwakiutl Indians were fishing people. Kwakiutl men caught fish and sea mammals from their canoes. They also hunted deer and moose. Kwakiutl women gathered clams and shellfish, seaweed, berries, and roots.

The Kwakiutl lived in longhouses made from large cedar trees. It had only one door and no windows. They painted symbols on he front and inside of their homes and had totem poles that told thier family history. Vocabulary Early family members are called ancestors.

Objects made by a person in the past are artifacts.

Migration is movement of people or animals to another place

A group of family members is called a clan.

Barter means to exchange goods, like trading

Getting used to or adjusting a new way of living is called adapting.

Tradition is a way of life or passed down idea

Sod is a layer of soil held together by roots of grass

The way people in a state, region or country use resources to meet their needs is call the economy.

A group of people with something in common is called a class.

A civilization has people with a religion, life, and learning
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