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Skymaze: Book Review

A book review on Skymaze by Gillian Rubenstein.

Ben Wanders

on 30 June 2010

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Transcript of Skymaze: Book Review

Book Reveiw by Ben By Gillian Rubenstein "Could there possibly be another game as enthralling as Space Demons." If the world you lived in just changed because of a computer game what would you do? Well what Andrew Hayford, Elaine Taylor,Ben Challis, Mario Ferrone, Darren Challis and Paul Freeman do is almost outrageous! They decide to go with the game and play it through even though they don't know the consequences... Space Demons was just the beginning of the reign of terrror what lies in wait for them is terrifying In Space Demons they had guns to protect them but in Skymaze they only have each other to protect them from Pale Guardians, DarkClouds and the other secrets of Skymaze. Skymaze is an excellent book for young adult readers with a new twist on a computer game. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat and a real page turner. When Andrew Hayford gets the game Skymaze his stepbrother Paul is relly wanting to play but he hasn't played Space Demons and mastered it so what will happen... And then Darren Ben Challis' brother plays the game and unlocks a new stage: Stage 4 Dark clouds control play impossible. But then something terrible happens to Mario and everything goes wrong turning an enjoyable game into a living nightmare... And something is wrong about Paul, he seems to be always following Andrew... I would recommend this book to people who like stories packed with action and adventure And finally a big thank you to www.prezi.com


And to Gillian Rubinstein for writing such an enjoyable book
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