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Revision - examples

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of Revision - examples

Revision - examples
NDM - Brooklyn 99
Brooklyn 99 was cancelled by Fox.
A social media campaign led to the cancelled show being renewed by another network within a couple of days.
Identities and female representation
Relevant contemporary examples
The Power of Netflix
NDM - Threat to traditional media

Netflix’s ‘new world order’: a streaming giant on the brink of global domination

New and Digital Media

Dwayne Johnson is getting $1 Million dollars to promote his next film on social media.

Social media promotion fees are becoming part of actor's contracts
At the Cannes film festival, 82 women stood together to represent the 82 women who have had films in competition since the festival began. In the same time, over 1688 men have presented films.

Symbolic Annihalation
Find 3 examples of relevant examples from the media.
Post Modernism
Queer theory
Post colonialism
Section A debate questions
Complete some answer plans for past paper section A debate questions.

Consider more than one point of view.
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