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Switch: How to change when change is hard

A presentation on personal change based on the book by Chip & Dan Heath. To facilitate and support change for colleagues.

Helen Walker

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Switch: How to change when change is hard

Elephant Change What is harder? Rider Path Lessons? Changing things when change is hard Shape the Build habits Tweak the Environment Rally the herd Be aware of social pressure Build in space to change 1-Click Process 5-minute check Set an action trigger Catch yourself 'in' Motivate the Direct the Cultivate identity Shrink the change Find the feeling Bright Spots Point to the destination Script the critical moves For you For the team What are they? for your stakeholders Jonathan Haidt The happiness hypothesis Logic
Strengths Weaknesses Wants instant gratification
Lazy Loyalty
Strong Weaknesses Strengths Over-analysis
Lack of stamina Or not changing and becoming obsolete? How can you find it if you don't know what it is? Or if you don't like that feeling? Can you link the change to your beliefs? Look for examples of the change working Rather than reasons for failure What makes them special? If a miracle happened, how would you know? turn the vision into action Understand that learning is hard What one simple thing will make the biggest difference? Big hairy audacious goals Move from analysis to doing Black and White goals What change can you give yourself a headstart with? 5-minute
action Identify milestones People like us Foot in the door Create the expectation of failure
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