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No description

Larissa Bach

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of Review

Job Interview
Imagine you have the opportunity to change careers.
Complete the conversation
Sarah: Anna! What are you doing here at the hospital?
Anna:_________________________________ (talk about a recent activity)
Sarah: Oh, really? And what do you think you are going to do now?
Anna:_________________________________ (talk about a possibility)
Sarah:_________________________________ (show surprise)
Anna: But, if______________________________ (express a condition and a probable future consequence)
Sarah: Uhm, so much news! I'd like to meet you next week. _________________ (ask about future plans)
Anna: I am going to be free at that time. _________________________ (make a request)
Sarah: Sure! I will e-mail it to you as soon as I get home.
Talking Points
Situation 1: Student A decided to be a volunteer at Lar dos Bebês. Student B needs to interview Student A.
Applying for a volunteer position
at a non-profit institution
Congratulations! You've just a new job in Europe! You are going to make a lot of money so you are free to make some decisions.
Situation 2: Student A wants to sell a new revolutionary product and needs to convince Student B to buy the product.
Would you move to another city because of your new job?
What would you look forward to?
How would you convince the company to hire you?
If they say you're not suitable for the job, would you get coaching?
How can we...
1. talk about recent activities
2. talk about possibilities
3. show surprise
4. express conditions and probable future consequences
5. talk about future plans
6. make requests
In pairs, talk to your classmate and decide:
What country would be more suitable for him/her
What type of housing would be more suitable for him/her
Make predictions of how his/her life will be like
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