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Mark Granger

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of India

SWRK 2080 Cross-cultural Communication Project
Home to some of the oldest known significant cultural developments in the world, India is the origin of Buddhism, the Vedas and yoga.

Flanked by the Himalayas, India is made up of a diverse cultural mosaic, comprising 26 provinces, many of which possess their own distinct language and traditions. (Interknowledge Corp., 2005)

Key Differences
Was there anything you discovered about your culture you hadn't previously noticed?

Can you describe a ritual surrounding either a death/ wedding/birth?

What is your favourite thing about Canadian culture? Least favourite?

What was your reason for coming to Canada specifically?

What discrimination have you experienced, if any?
"People are basically the same everywhere...."
Cultural identity is complicated and multifaceted, and may have several points of origin.

Chris and Sandy are several generation English speaking Hindu from British Guyana. In Canada many in the community are Hindi speaking from East India.
Their family is now three generations....
Recorded in multiple interviews was a notion of immigration for educational or social healthcare services
In Canada
In India
Independent child-family relations
Friendly disposition towards strangers
High levels of meat consumption
Prevalence of fast food and comfort food
Greater prevalence of "living in the moment" mentality
Aversion to death
Gender liberality
Close-knit child-family relations
Less friendly stranger-relations
Primarily vegetarian
Everyday cooking for family and extended family still practiced
More "future-oriented" mentality
Yearly celebrations for the deceased
Gender interactions restricted
Hunter-gatherer Veddahs first lived there 32,000 years ago
Rising tides submerged a land bridge that used to connect it to India
Ancient city of Anuradapura founded around a clipping from Buddha's fig tree of enlightenment, brought by Sanghamitta who then founded an order of Buddhist nuns. The city flourished for 1300 years but was abandoned after an invasion in 993. YOU CAN VISIT THE RUINS TODAY!
Modern Sri Lankans are living in a polarized ethnic world of Tamils and Sinhalese, recovering since 2009 from civil war.
World's most well-traveled social worker says Sri Lanka is the #1 destination: endless beaches, delicious seafood-based cuisine, beautiful communities and living history.
sources: Lonely Planet and UNESCO
Outsider Insights
For someone not socialized in this culture, our habitual way of complaining can be bewildering and unbecoming.
Consider what complaining does to the communication environment!
Humility and gratitude foster a much more welcoming space for communication.
Diwali festival of lights
The values in public school systems do not always resonate with other cultures
We tend to think that only a certain percentage of students are "exceptional," while everyone else is average. Chris and Sandy had expectations for their child that they discovered were not shared in public school. They came from a culture where everyone went to private schools (Guyana).
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