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EQ's from mr.scrivens class

No description

Sierra Maynard

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of EQ's from mr.scrivens class

It's important to be told in the begging but in the middle or late in to work is just wrong. ~day 16~Dose success in anything come easy or do you have to work for it? How has knowing what is expected of you for the journey ahead? Completing orientation equips you for your businesses intern journey and the work place? What impact would computers have on the operation of the work place if they didn't exist explain. What lesson can be learned from a declined economy that effects the job market? How do you feel about cheating? In the world of business what makes the world go round? What normally happens when your boss is being hard on you? Before you start your job they do an training / orientation so will know what to do were to go and what you need for the job. ~The EQ's~ Use one adjective to describe yourself and what were the most audacious thing you ever done. How can you make your boring job fun? Reflect on what this picture is saying, give an example.
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