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The Hero's Journey

No description

Heather Heun

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey
Joseph Campbell held that numerous myths from disparate times and regions share fundamental structures and stages

These stages can be grouped into Departure/Growth/Return
Four Basic Steps
Hero leaves home
Detail 2
Hero encounters the unusual
Hero overcomes the unusual
Hero returns home changed
Call To Adventure

-when the hero becomes aware of the world outside his home or town where he/she has lived for his entire life. Everything is about to change
Refusal of the Call
-hero may actually refuse the initial call to adventure, usually from their fear of change.
Supernatural Aid
-hero may meet with an old man, a god/goddess or a messenger who gives the hero a weapon or some magical power
Crossing the First Threshold
This "threshold" the hero must cross is what separates the hero from the comforts of his home to the adventurous new world filled with mystery and danger. Sometimes the threshold is guarded by a gatekeeper whom the hero must defeat.
Belly of the Whale
final separation of the hero's known world and self. The hero will go through a metamorphosis. This step often takes place in a dark place.
Road of Trials
In the new world, the hero must confront a series of challenges and tests to help the hero improve his character and skills to become more self-reliant
Meeting with the Goddess
The hero experiences a pure love. Does not have to be represented by a woman. Can also happen internally.
Woman as the Temptress
The hero is tempted by a human desire that threatens to keep him from completing his journey
Atonement with the Father
This is where the hero comes face to face with the source of ultimate power. Though traditionally, this has been a father figure, it doesn't have to be.
"To deify." Hero "dies" and is resurrected to a state of divinity. Sometimes literal, sometimes metaphorical
The Ultimate Boon
The achievement of the goal of the quest. Often the hero needs to reach a state of purification before he or she can obtain the goal. The previous stages have prepared the hero to reach this point.
Freedom to Live
the hero has reached an understanding with himself and can now live freely between his home and the new world. With his new found knowledge, he can now be beneficial to the world.
Refusal of the Return
The hero may not want to return to his home and stay in the new world. The hero may believe that the old world won't accept or understand what the hero has learned on his journey.
The Magic Flight
The hero must escape with the object of his or her quest
Rescue from Without
the hero may need to be rescued from death or from a state of helplessness and bliss.
Crossing of the Return Threshold
As the hero travels to return home on his journey, he must once again cross the threshold separating his home and the new world. He or she has changed and are a different person than the one who left.
Master of Two Worlds
The hero has conquered both the world of the adventure and the "real" world.
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