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Your Worst Nightmare

No description

hunter rogers

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Your Worst Nightmare

Least restrictive Environment
Anna will need alternative placement maybe at an alternative school or placed in a new classroom
She needs a Paraprofessional that can help her with her work and keep her on task.
Additional issues
She needs a male paraprofessional
Anna wants to do her own thing and mother does not discipline her
Always wants to be by herself, so she could potentially be depressed
Works cited
Background Information
Mrs. Kim is her Teacher who has 25+ years of experience
Her student files consist of 2 binders with documentation of her educational and behavioral problems.
Uses temper tantrums to show she has difficulty with her homework.
Seems to have resentment towards female teachers or overall females in general.
Special Accommodations
I would create a reward system specialized for her.
If Anna does all her work for the day, she will be allocated 15 minutes of alone time at her desk.
Anna will be allowed to sleep in on Friday of each week if she isn't tardy for two days in a row.
If she does not cause any disturbance, while in lecture she will be allowed to listen to music during class work.
The Story of Anna
Anna is a High School student in her Jr year at Lincoln Academy, which is a school for learning disabled students.
Anna has moved schools multiple times because of her disruptive behavior
Really strong in reading and English,but not math. Yet refuses to do reading/ English assignments.
Parents have given up and let her choose her own path in hopes that Anna will pass school.
Your Worst Nightmare
Current research
Have Anna be reevaluated by a educational psychologist to determine disability using the DSM-5
"The person who has depression is alternating between three different states. One is a manic state; the second is a depressed state; but the third, which is not mentioned in the name, is a normal state of mind, in which the person is neither manic nor depressed."
Intermittent explosive disorder involves repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation.
IEP Goals and Objectives
By January 2017, Anna will complete guided reading and answer questions given with 80% accuracy.
By March 2017, Anna will work in a group setting with her peers with 70% accuracy.
By January 2017, Anna will complete daily task list given with 90% accuracy.
"special education for all teachers" sixth edition
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