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The Flipped Classroom

No description

marylou berndt

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Flipped Classroom

? l PPED Challenges PI SSAL ROOM What it is not what? 'tool-in-your-toolbox'
'magic silver bullet' C F Flipped Classroom Warm up Activity (5 min)
Review homework (20 min)
Lecture new content (30-45 min)
Guided and independent practice and / or lab activity (20-35 min) Warm up Activity (5 min)
Q & A time on video (10 min)
Guided and independent practice and / or lab activity (75 min) students can stop, review, pause, replay as often as necessary without fear of being made fun of by peers increases student-teacher interaction for 1-on-1, or small group and station work DON'T flip your classroom if you think it will make your job easier... How? - keep it short -animate your voice - create the video with another teacher - add humour - don't waste students time, must be MEANINGFUL ZOOM in and out - keep it copyright friendly is it the way to
teach now? new best TH E [mary lou berndt] Traditional Classroom huge learning curve for students AND teachers

dealing with cross-platform / cross-device compatibility

lack of access to technology / issues with technology

time-consuming for teachers

parent buy-in is ESSENTIAL

teaching students HOW to learn from a computer tools 7 mins or less Edmodo
My Big Campus
Google sites
Weebly no more:
"I have no idea
how to do this
new maths!" absent student can still learn the material use video to prepare & review for assessment more complex higher order questioning... "I understand this part but
after the calculation I get
confused, can you explain
this part again?"

...instead of:
"what must I do now??" Platform for web communication Recording software Camtasia
Jing Websites Other YouTube
Math Live
Study Jams
Khan Academy
TED song creation
QR codes its all about getting them plugged in "You can be a good teacher and never use technology, and technology won't turn a bad teacher into a good one. However, a good teacher who uses technology will make great things happen." [Rushton Hurley] Using Technology to Bring Instruction Home and Practice to the Classroom - homework in class, lesson at home - WHY? opens up class time for:
teacher-student interaction
opportunity for high quality experiences self-paced learning
greater ownership
learning to learn
support for busy, struggling, high-achieving
shift from passive to active learning shift from 'sage' to 'coach'
'show me what you know' instead of: 'I'll tell you what I know' student class teacher educates parents add annotations & callouts video is just the backbone, freeing up class time to create activities that facilitate richer learning students MUST see connection between activities that follow the video instruction or is it a waste of time
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