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How has Halloween changed over time?

No description

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of How has Halloween changed over time?

How has Halloween changed over time?
In the beginning
Originated in what is now know as Ireland during a festival called Samhain
All Hallows Eve
Dressed up in animal heads and skins
Gathered around a bonfire predicting peoples fortunes.
Halloween in the 1800's
Not many people would celebrate
Told Ghost stories
Played games (bobbing for apples)
Little kids would go around palying tricks on people
Halloween during the 1900's
less of a religious traditon
more people prticipated
people started trick-or-treating
festivals and parts were being held
Colorful costumes
Halloween today
Popular many people celebrate it now
visit more Haunted places and watch scary/horror movies
people act more violent
Costumes are more revealing
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8

By Milee Rodriguez
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