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The Burj Khalifa

No description

Raqib Sulaiman

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa
Construction began on September 21, 2004.
The tower was built by Samsung Engineering and Construction.Turner is the project manager.
The Burj Khalifa's structural engineer is Bill Baker. The chief architect is Adrian Smith.
The Burj Khalifa is the only building in the world that has a Y-shaped floor plan.
the project completed in 2010.
General Info
status complete
location Dubai,UAE
opening 4 Jan,2004
cost $1.5 billion USD
Outside the tower, WET Enterprises designed a fountain that costs of DH 800 million ($217 million US dollars). lighted by 6,600 lights and 50 colored projectors. it is 275 m (902 ft) long and shoots water 150 m (490 ft) into the air, accompanied by a range of classical Arabic and world music.On 26 October 2008, Emaar announced that after the results of a naming contest the fountain will be called the Dubai Fountain.
The Dubai Fountain
2010-2011, fireworks with lasers and lights were displayed from the Burj Khalifa, making it the highest New Year firework show in the world. The theme of the 2011 New Year fireworks was the "New Year Gala". It is a tribute to the spirit of Dubai, which is home to over 200 nationalities. The show also marked the first anniversary of the Burj Khalifa.
On 28 March 2011, Alain Robert scaled the outside of Burj Khalifa. The climb to the top would take six hours. To comply with UAE safety laws Robert, who usually climbs in free solo style, took the unusual step of using only a rope for the climb.
The tower was built by Samsung Engineering & Construction of South Korea, which also worked on the Petronas Twin Towers and Taipei 101. Samsung Engineering & Construction built the tower in a joint venture with Besix from Belgium and Arabtec from UAE. Turner is the Manager of the project on the main construction contract.
Because of the .demand in Dubai's property market, the rent in the Burj Khalifa lowered 40% ten months after its opening. Out of 900 apartments in the tower, 825 were still empty at that time. However, over the next two and a half years, investors steadily began to purchase the available apartments and office space in the Burj Khalifa.By October 2012, Emaar reported that about 80% of the homes were full.
Did you know?
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Resource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Khalifa
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