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Interrelationships between People and the Physical Environment

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Candy Wu

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Interrelationships between People and the Physical Environment

Positive Aspects
Some positive aspects of life in this environment are the climate there is really warm. Even if it's a mountain, the top is only about 10°C. That's pretty warm for a mountain, cause the average for other mountains are only about 4°C.
Available Resources
There are available resources in Yakutsk like gold, diamond, and gas. Yakutsk is known for their gold, diamond, also gas. People use these available resources to sell and export them to other countries.
Positive Aspects
The positive aspects of life in this environment is that the place has a balanced population and isn't overpopulated and since it's so cold there, they can make marinated reindeer meat and semi-frozen slices of raw river fish.
Hardships this physical environment can present is when there's bad weather, people need to put ropes on their thatch roofs to prevent it from flying away.
Available Resources
People have adapted living in this environment by respecting life. For example, humans and nature are all equal and in harmony with forests.
Types of factors that might affect it's sustainability are natural disasters. Many forest fires happened due to extreme weather. Not just on the mountain but all over Korea.

Jirisan Mountain
Negative Affects
This physical environment can affect people in a negative way because of the animals found there, for example the Asian Black Bears. There were about 20 of them found on Jirisan mountain and killed many people in the past years.
Some available resources in Jirisan mountain are wood. Using fresh panel strip, ash tree wood, and other such resources, they make handmade vessels and other things.
Factors Affecting Sustainability
This mountain is located in Jirisan National Park in Jeollanam-do, South Korea.
This region is located in Siberia.
Some hardships this physical environment can present are it's too cold to do anything with an average of 10°C and many people who go camping in Yakutsk die from the cold. There's a place in Yakutsk called "Valley of Death",a forest filled with dead bodies from travelers. "Valley of Death" is a place people don't want to talk about or go to.
Negative Affects
This physical environment can affect people in a negative way because of the climate there is really cold. In Yakutsk, their highest temperature is only about 17°C
People are adapting to this environment by wearing very warm clothes, wearing more layers, and staying indoors when it's really cold weather. When it is really cold outside, people would have to wear fur coats and plus a few more layers instead of anoraks.
Factors Affecting Sustainability
Types of factors that might affect it's sustainability are the low temperature all year around and the lack of sunshine. Since it's so cold in the winter, they don't get much sunshine. Lack of sunshine can cause a chance of cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and other disorders.
By: Candy Wu
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