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The String Family

brief descriptions of the string instruments

Megan Engelhardt

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of The String Family

The String Family
Smallest in the string family
Highest in the string family
A violinist holds the violin on their shoulder to play it.
Albert Einstein played the violin!

Slightly bigger than violin
Lower than the violin
Much bigger than the violin and viola
Sounds lower than the violin and viola
It is so large that it a cellist must sit to play!
It is the lowest and the biggest of the string instruments
A musician must stand to play it!
The String Family
is made of instruments
who make sound using
All of the instruments in the string family have wood bodies.
The instruments in the string family are different sizes.
Small instruments have a higher sound; large instruments have a lower sound.
A bow is used to play each of the instruments of the string family.
A bow is made out of a long wooden stick with horse hairs stretched across it.
The bow is pulled across the strings of the instrument to make the strings vibrate. This is how it makes sound.
Another way to play a string instrument is by playing "pizzicato".
To play pizzicato, a musician does not use the bow. They use their fingers to pluck the instrument!
"The heart of
the orchestra"
"The middle
VERY different than the other string instruments
Thousands of years old
It is played with both hands AND both feet!
guest of honor"

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