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Copy of Sally Morgan

No description

Asiye Pelister

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan
Biography & stuff!
Why I chose this Artwork
Sally didn't know she was Aboriginal till she was 15! Her mum told her she was Indian!
Biography of Sally Morgan
Sally Morgan an Australian Artist!
My chosen artwork
Sally Morgan was born in Perth, Western Australia on 18Th January 1951 and she is still alive.
Sally Morgan is a Aboriginal Artist, she is part of the Pilbara people.
And she is also a Author who wrote "My Place"!
Her art style is Australian landscaped and more story telling. Sally Morgan is still painting. Her family was very poor, they didn't even have enough money for food!
The Artwork
I chose this artwork because it is interesting. In the painting there are birds. the elements in this artwork are Shapes, Texture and Lines. Our perspective of the painting is that the artwork isn't contrasted to show the depth of the painting. Sally Morgan doesn't use contrast, tone or volume or form. In our opinion what makes this artwork good is the colours and it represents different form of art and the beauty of art. What i like about this artwork is the paint and how they paint, Sally Morgan has a really different style of her own.
NOW SHOWING Sally Morgan
Sally Morgan is a well-known artist.
Some Artworks Sally Painted
The artwork is a picture of
Jabiru's and it is called Jabiru.
Sally Morgan
A person before
A desert
The different

Thank You
Watching !
Sally Morgan has always been at the core of Aboriginal culture, embodying it's spirituality and telling its story Sally Morgan draws on this heritage to express her feelings for the land and its life forms, and her experiences as an Aboriginal woman. Her work is imbued with the spirituality of her culture, its ways of representing the world and its traditional concern with narrative with telling the story.
Influences of Sally Morgan

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