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Ariel P&G

No description

Kayden Do

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Ariel P&G

P&G: Ariel
Product Strategy
Characteristics: removing tough stains; safe to people’s skin and the environment
Special identification: Ariel - the No.1 laundry detergent in Europe
Customer Buying Behavior: Frequently (fortnightly or monthly)
Price: high
Distribution: local shops, supermarkets, markets
==> Convenience product

MKTG1205 - Marketing Principles
Marketing plan for Ariel 2015
Tran Nhat Ha (Leader) <s3480657@rmit.edu.vn>
Do Duy Khang <s3500509@rmit.edu.vn>
Le Hoang Huong <s3500604@rmit.edu.vn>
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Tran <s3515607@rmit.edu.vn>
Tran Bao Tran <s3515347@rmit.edu.vn>
Nguyen Vu Huong Mai <s3517830@rmit.edu.vn>

I . Introduction
II . Current target audience
III . Current analysis
1. Product
2. Price
3. Place
4. Promotion
IV . Marketing Objectives
V . Conclusion
Brand Equity
Brand awareness: Recall
Brand loyalty: 2/30
Hanoians use Ariel
Percieved quality:
Premium quality
Fast and strong effect
Product Type
Brand Association
Famous spokespersons
Trustful identification
Premium quality
Well-known icon
Removing toughest stains
Brand Development Strategy
Product Life Cycle
Launched in 2013
High brand awareness but still decline in profit
Online Marketing
Homepage: www.Arielvietnam.com
==>This is the fastest growing form of Marketing
Value - based Pricing
Good-value pricing:
-The first washing powder brand of Europe that transformed the washing experience
-No.1 washing powder brand in Europe. Better washing power than Omo
(Baomoi, 2014)
Value-added pricing:
-Besides washing power, Ariel offers other advantages like good scents and color keeping
=> High price: 120,000VND
Product line pricing
Adding :
Competition - based pricing
High-low pricing

Special Events
Special Events
"Phu nu Viet Nam tu tin tien buoc" 2014,2015

Facebook page

Strong tactics
=> Raise awareness, generate interest and build customer loyalty

Event “ Suc manh mot buoc giat” used comparative advertising
=> Lose brand’s image
- No Facebook interaction in 8 months (from July 2014 to March 2015)
1. Improve Ariel Facebook Fanpage:
- Regulate content and comments
- Continue the game “Sang tao moi tuan, co qua that vui”
- Create quiz games

2. More regular promotion programs:
Premiums: free fabric softener, plastic basin
Price pack

3. Develop the campaign “Phu nu Viet Nam tu tin tien buoc"

Key message
Woman empowerment
=> Expand the scale of the event to 3 regions of Vietnam
Price Packs
1. Distribution strategy and management
A. Channel Design Decision:
Examining customers needs
Setting channel objective
B. Type of intermediaries
Intensive distribution.

2. Distribution System
A. Indirect Marketing Channel
B. Channel behaviour
Conventional distribution
Vertical marketing system
+Administered VMS

Distribution System
North Agency
Central Agency
South Agency
Grocery stores


Many retailers
=> Easy to search and buy products

Do not have its networks of independent franchised dealers
=> Can not directly receive feedback from customers

Change distribution model
Negotiate with retailers to get better promotion and display

Banner advertising in front of Maximark Cong Hoa
Company Introduction

P&G - Procter and Gamble
-Founded in 1837
-World’s largest consumer goods company since 1977
-15th most admired company in the world
-Operated in Vietnam since 1995

Vietnam’s FMCG market situation

-Europe’s No.1 detergent
-Core values:
Outstanding detaining performance
Strongly perceived as innovative
-In Vietnam’s market:
Launched in 2013
Finance has grown from $75.785 to $83,062 in 2014
Less than 23% market share

Product Introduction
Target Market
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(Source: Hanam, n.d.)

Increase customers’ satisfaction
Attract high-class and middle-class buyers
Build brand equity,brand awareness

Market share is still low (Baomoi, 2014)

Product bundle pricing
35% of surveyed subjects recall the key campaign’s key message
perceive the brand as having a positive image and empowering women.

increase FB likes to 250.000
market share: to 26% (Tide and Ariel)
increase 3% in sales

Good points:
Superior product quality
-> increase credibility
Big event underway to regain brand image
-> increase brand awareness
Bad points:
Unsuitable pricing strategy
-> reduce sales
Ineffective distribution system
-> reduce exposure

Wash old uniforms and give them to poor children
Fight against domestic violence
Sponsor Vietnamese Women Union
Sponsor tailoring courses for rural housewives
"Suc manh mot buoc giat" 2013
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