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Boy Overboard LA

No description


on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Boy Overboard LA

By Rhys Blair 07I BOY OVERBOARD LA What is a refugee? A refugee is a person who is outside their own country and is unable or unwilling to return due to a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of their:

- Race
- Religion
- Nationality
- Membership of a particular social group or
- Political opinion.

Also a refugee can come from any country in Asia and West India. Jamal, Bibi, the Mother and Father were all refugees. (Pg. 134 - 181) What is a refugee camp? For starters a refugee camp is a temporary settlement built to receive refugees. Hundreds and thousands of refugees may only live in one little camp. Usually the refugee camps are built by the government or the United Nations. Refugee camps are generally set up in an impromptu fashion and designed to meet basic human needs for only a short time. Some refugee camps are dirty and unhygienic. Some refugee camps have existed for decades and some people can stay in refugee camps for decades.

Globally, about 17 countries (Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States) have all got refugee camps. When Jamal was in the refugee camp he said "I know this isn't Australia, but it feels like it to me." (Pg. 181) What Happens in Bad Situations What do asylum seekers do in a bad situation you might ask. Well, when they are in a bad situation like if your going to get killed or the government tries to kill you, the key is to keep going and never give up. If you give up so quickly, the government will find you and kill you. What the asylum seekers do to keep track of things is to get away from that country. On one of the pages, Jamal, Bibi, Mum and Dads house gets blown up. That is what happens to some asylum seekers. What I reckon they were thinking was, “I just want to die”, because now they don’t have a house and the government is looking for them. What would you do if the government was looking for you?(Pg. 48). The Torments of those people who Survived He is a story of Mr Fekadu's life:
Mr Fekadu was born in Eritrea in 1971 and lived his childhood between relatives' houses and the streets of Ethiopia. He was born when his mother who was only 14 and was raised throughout a fierce war which ran for more than 30 years. Mr Fekadu has since lived in five countries including Japan, which is where he met his wife Anita. Mr. Fekadu said "I survived through everything from war to famine because I dreamt for something better. Jamal nearly had to go through the same thing because at the start Jamal lived in the middle of the war (Pg. 1 - 51) He also said " We live in the middle of the war" (Pg. 10) Bibliography These are some references:

The Book- Boy Overboard By Morris Gleitzman
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