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Trash Andy Mulligan

No description

Jayde Fox

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Trash Andy Mulligan

Rat( Jun Jun)
Sister Olivia
Father Julliard
Part One
Chapter 1

describes his life & his relationship with Gardo
Chapter 3
The police arrive at the Behala dumpsite looking for the bag. Raphael's aunt said "Raphael's got something." And now the suspision is on him. Gardo & Raphael go to Rat to hide the bag.
Chapter 4
Raphael describes Rat
Chapter 2
Raphael explains how he found the money & Mr. Angelico's mystery
Chapter 5
Gardo describes his relationship with Raphael & Raph's naive behaviour. The people of Behala come help search for the bag.
Part Two
Pia Dante
Trash Andy Mulligan
Frenderico Gonz
Chapter 6
Raphael, Gardo & Rat go to get the things in the locker Raphael, Gardo & Rat go to get the things in the locker
Chapter 2
Raphael gets arrested & beaten for not giving the police the bag.
Chapter 3
Raphael runs from the police station
Chapter 4
Grace talks about Jose Angelico
Part Three
Chapter 1
Olivia talks about herself & her relationship
with Rat
Chapter 2
Father Julliard tells is opinion on it
Chapter 6
Gardo apologizes to Olivia
Chapter 7
Olivia & Gardo talk to Gabriel Olondriz
Chapter 8
Raphael talks about the money Rat has saved.
Chapter 9
Rat talks about their journey to Green Hills
Chapter 10
Olivia & Gardo keep talking to Gabriel Olondriz
Chapters 3-5
Olivia talks about what happened at the prison
Part Four
Chapter 1
Rat tells us how they flee the dumpsite
& steals the money from Father Julliard's
safe for the bible.
Chapter 2
Gardo gets the bible off Marco- the guard- & they run from the police as they tries to catch them.
Chapter 3
Raphael gives us an introduction to the next chapter.
Chapter 4
They try to work out the bible code in Jose Angelico's letter
Chapter 5
The boys think the police are chasing them,.
Chapter 6
The police actually chase them.
Chapter 7
Frederico Gonz tells us about how
he makes the grave memorial
Part Five
Chapter 1
Raphael, Gardo & Rat go to the
Naravo Cemetery & talk about finding Jose
Angelico's family within it. They are given the place
to find them in.
Chapter 2
They find out that they had been looking in the wrong
side so they climbed the wall & find Jose's family graves.
Chapter 4
The boys & Pia open her grave & find the six million dollars that Jose stole.
Chapter 3
Pia Dante shows up.
Chapter 5
Rat changes his name back to Jun-Jun & tells us how
they took the money to move away from Behala
Chapter 6
Raphael, Gardo, Jun-Jun & Pia say thank-you & goodbye.
Chapter 1
Father Julliard tells us about the Mission School & how Rat, Raphael & Gardo come & use the computer to research Jose Angelico.
In the end Raphael, Gardo, Jun-Jun, & Pia all move to Sampalo with the money.
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