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Taiga Forest (Kees and Rouven)

No description

kees meijers

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Taiga Forest (Kees and Rouven)

The location
The taiga forest is not close to the equator and is found in Australia,Asia and other places.
Humans have been cutting down the trees for many things like houses, paper and camp fires. Humans are also burning it down causing deforestation.
The plants and fruits
There is trees plants and fungus sacattered arund the biome and there are food on the plants and trees for the local animals to eat.
The Future
In some years the Taiga forest will not be there anymore. Maybe you can help us by fighting with us and say the people should stop.
Name: Kees & Rouven

Taiga Forest
The human impact
The taiga forest is a big group of plants
that live together.
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