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No description

Omar Syed

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of AutoCAD

autocad What was my rotation? My rotation was graphic design. i used a computer software called autoCAD to draw images and other graphics. autoCAD is an easy to use computer software. There are many tools and settings that a person can use to make the best graphic. some drawings i made using the software Careers How might learning autoCAD help me In the future I would like to be a chartered accountant. i would assume I will need to do presentations and make visuals to i can use the software to do so. It might also save me money because I know how to make visuals myself now, so i don't have to hire anyone, BBT Communication Manufacturing A designer's or an engineer's job is to make visuals to communicate with the public. The visuals need to be appealing and have to send a message. The product that is being designed needs to be planned perfectly using the software. The manufacturing industry is in high demands for jobs because they need the most service because they create new and different products everyday. That is where a person with CAD skill comes in. You can be hired all around the world for designing jobs. Fundamental Concepts Control: this is a software that we have to run and regulate. We control it in order to make our computer aided design,. System: you might be working in a team and they have split up graphic design jobs equally, you will need to be part of the system and be the best component if it. Document Use: you will need to follow instructions properly to work the software properly. They are usually found in written text, so you will need to use the documents properly and to the best quality.
Continuous Learning: technology is continuously improving, you will need to learn them and adapt to them. When a new graphics software comes out, you will need to be excellent at using it. Essential Skills! obviously, computer use is required too.
Organization: There will be a lot of work so you will need to be organized and responsible. Work will get hard

Customer Service: the product that you are designing or the graphic that you are planning needs to be top class, if the client is happy, there will be more business. Work Habits Responsibility: other people will count on you and your buyers will need the best product or service so you will need to be responsible and do your jobs properly and on time.

Teamwork: has a lot to do with responsibility, you will need to do your job properly and be a good team mate. Traits Video on autoCAD Omar
Syed In order to get a career in a field that uses AC, you will need to take basic art and technology courses in high school. After that in university you will need to learn engineering and manufacturing, they plan and design products using CAD, it is a very use skill. Tools That were used the most Command line: it made using the software much easier because it shortened the process and specified the role of the tool. It made sizing the lines easier. Line tool: I had to constantly make lines to make layers, A challenging thing was making lines in different layers.
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