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Enlightenment and music

No description

Kevin Gratz

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Enlightenment and music

Chamber Music Influence Performances Song Structure Other Influences Creation of public performing

Originally meant for socializing

Brought emotion and wellness to
one's soul

Revolved around church

Enhanced inteligence

Musicians perform together to
bring peace and harmony around the area Simplictic

Easy for listeners to listen

Polyphony- Multiple melodic
lines in the same key

Homophony- One melodic line
accompainied by background chords

"drum roll" was invented druing this

Violin solo which is now known
as a guitar solo
Melodic lines were passed on
from generation to generation

Buyoed renaissance music to
help influence music composition later

Enjoyment out of performing and
showmanship. Melodic Pieces Beethoven's symphany related to
many theories of music

Mozart was a artist of music and some
paintings and sculptures

Musical jouranalism and written music
was changed to be more simple for players

Creation of key types and scale complexity

Percussion was added as a huge part of
chamber music
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