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Garrett Shorb

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Kentuky

Who invented Kentucky fried chicken?
What is Kentucky's motto and what does it mean? The motto is "united we stand divided we fall" it means we are stronger together.
Kentucky Things
Famous Person
Six animals that you might find are horses, fish, chicken, bats, turkey and deer.
One famous person from the state is Henry Clay. He had an effort to stop the Civil War. It earned him the nick name the Great Compromiser.
One famous person still living is Muhammad Ali. He is famous for boxing and earning more money than previous boxers combined.
Monday, December 1, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Research Questions
State Project Kentucky
Three famous attractions or fun things to do in Kentucky

There are fun things to do in Kentucky. The state fair has horse shows, rooster crowing contests, pig races and performances.

At the Bluegrass Festival of the United States you can dance and listen to music.

At the Kentucky Derby you can cheer for horses and watch the horse race.

What is the capital city?

The capital city is Frankfort.
Colonel Sanders

He uses herbs and
spices to make his
fried chicken delicious.
What are 5 interesting things that might make you want to visit?

* Abraham Lincoln's childhood house.
* Cumberland Falls.
* Mamoth Cave National park.
* American Cave Museum.
* Old Fort Harrod State Park.

Kentucky's Nickname
Kentucky's nickname is the bluegrass state. It fits because of the blue grass of the fertile soil. Bluegrass music also has it's roots there.
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