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Salem witch trials

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Salem witch trials

What is the mystery?
The mystery of the Salem Witch Trials was a court case of a group of young girls who were supposedly possessed by the devil. They were found to be local women of witch craft. This soon became a trial in court, in September 1692. This mystery is were these townspeople actually witches?
Where and when did it take place?
What explanations are there?
What is our theory?
We conclude that the Salem Witch Trials was a real Witchcraft. The fortune teller may have been bad luck, which made them believe in the devil, and work for it. There have been too many people killed for this mystery not to be true. Over twenty people were killed, and there were over two hundred suspects.

The End
Salem Witch Trials
By: Diar Murtovic, Tyler Martin
The Salem Witch Trials took place in the spring of 1692. The main setting was in Salem Village, Massachusetts.
One explanation is a lady Bridget Bishop, who was convicted to be part of witchcraft. She was hanged and killed. People in the seventeenth century in Massachusetts feared that the devil was trying to get rid of Christians. The "Afflicted Girls" visited a fortune teller, got sick, and behaved strangely.
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