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New Information Session SP10


Rob Moranetz

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of New Information Session SP10

information session 2010 BY ROB MORANETZ Coordinator for Recruitment Communication & Admissions Counselor | NW Suburban Chicago & YOUR UIC TOUR GUIDES The University of Illinois at Chicago! PRESENTATION OVERVIEW 1. Making a college choice
3. Admissions Info / STUDENT PROFILE
4. Paying for College
Residence hall tour
Wrap up 2 hours! finding the 'right' college CHOICES. 271 C and U in Illinois. 4000 + in the united states cost. diversity. urban vs. rural vs. suburban online vs. residential comprehensive vs. specialized big vs. small level of degree offered. competitive vs. open enrollment your gut feeling. UIC Comprehensive, urban, research university "As our world becomes more urbanized, a university which truly seeks to meet the needs of
society must be a part of urban life. Just as universities make great cities, so too,
great cities make great universities" WELCOME TO TODAY'S SCHEDULE! 12 6 Richard J. Daley There's a common real-estate idiom. location. location. location. internships cultural resources Recreational activites volunteer projects east campus west campus The great cities committment democracy by design center for urban business great cities internship chicago cluster extreme green studios But great cities are also “great” in the sense of “terrific,” "Major metropolitan areas have problems and UIC dedicates
a significant portion of its research to finding solutions. and we never lose sight of what makes our location in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant
cities something to celebrate" Chancellor Emeritia Slyvia Manning ACCESS TO EXCELLENCE comprehensive, urban research university top 50 research schools in the US (44th)
Largest university in the chicago metro area
Primary provider of health care professionals
strong commitment to access
Largest alumni network in chicago GETTING IN. the freshmen 6. applied health sciences LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES ARCHITECTURE AND THE ARTS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EDUCATION ENGINEERING the upper 2. nursing urban planning and public administration the graduate colleges medicine public health social work pharmacy DENTISTRY when you apply to uic, you
apply to a college within the university DECISION FACTORS: (FRESHMEN)
High school performance Cumulative GPA
Core GPA
Course Rigor
Engagement DEADLINE: FEB 15 transfer students Hours
Required Classes
GPA High School is
NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT and the University of Illinois at Chicago is destined to be one of the great universities of our nation.” august ONLINE application goes live SEPTEMBER PAPER application AVAILABLE summer campus visits reach peak admission counselors begin visiting high schools preview days and saturday hours begin OCTOBER SPRING TRANSFER DEADLINE: OCT 15 NOVEMBER decisions begin ~10 percent health sciences preview day admission counselors continue visiting schools admission counselors continue visiting schools DECEMBER FALL GPPA-MEDICINE DEADLINE: DEC 1 decisions CONTINUE ~20 percent admission counselors continue visiting schools JANUARY FALL FRESHMEN DEADLINE: JAN 15 decisions CONTINUE ~40 percent FEBRUARY decisions CONTINUE ~65 percent MARCH decisions ~95 percent admission counselors begin spring visits FALL TRANSFER DEADLINE: MARCH 31 FAFSA PRIORITY DEADLINE: MARCH 1 HOUSING PRIORITY DEADLINE: MARCH 15 APRIL decisions ~100 percent decisions ~GPPA admission counselors continue spring visits financial aid packages released MAY INTENT TO ENROLL MAY 1 HOUSING CONTRACTS ORIENTATION BEGINS Funding uic 80 percent receive financial aid

100,000,000 + was awarded to uic students last year

60 percent of that was gift aid

Average award package: 10,500 dollars ACaDEMICS AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS 220 Academic programs
2000 courses
academic resources Internships, research
honors and gppa
study abroad Student panel on chosing uic transition to college campus life housing and commuting biggest surprise adviCe to you!
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