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Copy of Mythlopedia Oh My Gods

No description

nathan schleiden

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Mythlopedia Oh My Gods

Mythlopedia Oh My Gods
By Naomi Tinitali
I was trapped in Tartarus( the bleakest realm in the underworld ) by my father Uranus.
Cool Fact: Cronus the titan, was worried that his children would overthrow him, so he started to eat his children so that would never happen.
We both have overthrew our fathers.
I have made love with 2 of my sisters.
I have been with over 115 women in the past 2,000 years.
Zeus' s Statemments
Cronus 's Statements
I didn't kill my father with a sickle, ( at least not yet ) .
My son made me throw up his delicious siblings ( " thanks a lot son!!! " ) .
We both are married to our sisters.
We both have wifes that plot against us a lot.
After I attacked my father I became the ruler of gods ( for a while ) .
" I win!!!!! "
" D
This video will give you some infomation about the greek gods and goddesses.
Cool Fact: Zeus spent 10 years leading the olympians in battle with the titans.
The main idea of "Oh my Gods" is to inform th reader about the greek gods and the art and culture of greek mythology.First, it talks about what you need to know before you read the book.Next, it talks about the greek gods and titans and the legends about them.Then, shows you the family tree of the greek gods, goddesses, and titans. Finally, it shows the greek mythology constellations.
" Dinner time ".
Cool Fact: Uranus ( sky ) married Gaea ( earth ) ( technically his mother ) and they were the ones who started the whole family.
Cool Fact: Most greek gods would get married to their sisters to keep th family blood line pure. Gross right.
A conclusion I can draw about " Oh my Gods " is that it is a great book for research projects because it's easy to look up infoormation. This makes me think I should do more book projects. At first I thought the book would be boring, but after reading I now think it's a great book because it descibes infomation in a way that looks funny. You should read this book if you like mythology.
" This book is awesome!! "
Cool Fact: The smiley face was invented in 1964 to represent the american sprit of friendship, happiness, and peace.
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