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Julie Guthman Fast food, Organic Food Reflexive Taste and th

No description

jimmy ngo

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Julie Guthman Fast food, Organic Food Reflexive Taste and th

Julie Guthman Fast food, Organic Food Reflexive Taste and the making of 'Yuppie Chow'
Unable to Categorize People
No Antidote to Industrialized Food
Movement of Organic Food
Julie H. Guthman
Professor at The University of California Santa Cruz
Division: Social Science Division
Politics of Obesity
Environmental Health
Political Ecology
Race and Food
Critical Human Geography
Archival Data
Past academic writings
150 semi-structured interviews.
Self Research
Salad mix price

Thesis Statement
Evolution of Organic Food
Yuppie Chow
Change in the Organic System Provision
Organic Food an Antidote to Industrialized Food
Facile Dichotomies between Fast and Slow
Slippage and Instability'
Politics of Class and Gender
Question: What is Organic Food?
Theoretical Argument
Food is Elitist
Movement of Industrialized in Organic Food
Processes and Producers
Consumption Defines - You are what you eat.
Provision of Organic Food
"When you choose to buy and eat organic and sustainably raised produce, a little of this karma rubs off on you, which makes everything taste better."
The Counter-Trend
Organic Food
Fair Trade coffee
Direct farmer-to-consumer marketing
Without social conscience

Yuppie Chow
Question: Has food become a sign of privilege? How so?
Can there really be an antidote to Industrialized food?
No alternative
No one is defined.
Think about what you consume
Any difference in Slow and Fast?
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