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English language policy at Dutch MBOs

No description

Sandra Wormgoor

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of English language policy at Dutch MBOs

English language policy at MBO
What characterizes an MBO school?
Outflux of high school students in 2010-2011

HAVO HBO University

Number of students per education in 2014/15
mbo (bbl/bol) 482,000
hbo 446,000
university 256,000
adult 13,800
Total 1,323,300

Source: CBS, 2014/15
regional function (ROC)
vocational studies
47% of all students finishes MBO
BOL (fulltime) & BBL (parttime)
(young) adults: 18+
learning on the job (BBL)
Sandra Wormgoor, owner of
independent tutor and teacher
MBO & HBO and private clients
distanced & on-site, assessments, educative tools
web-apps: Jargon-app, English a Day
An example of a Speaking exam for Dental Technicians
Dutch government in 2009:
basic skills at MBO
from 2012: English is compulsory for MBO (4)
'zak/slaag' -> fail/pass
only 11% goes to HBO
Dutch Health Tec Academy: language policy
Dental Technicians
Hearing Aid Professionals
Orthopedic (Shoe) Technicians
Technical Eye Doctors' Assistants

2012 - 2013: implementation Dutch & English & Math

Theory versus reality
Policy making by whom?
Implementation and pitfalls

Critical factors? Sometimes
English in all MBO studies necessary?
Thank you!
Any questions?


1 schoolday per week of 8 hours, other days are learning on the job

an average of 2 English lessons per month

4 years:
Dental Technicians & Orthopedic Technicians
3 years:
Hearing Aid Professionals & Opticians
2 years:
Technical Eye Doctor's Assistant

E-learning & distance learning & Flipping the classroom
More about English in MBOs:


Listening: B1
Reading: B1
Writing: A2
Speaking: A2
Conversation: A2
Common European Framework (CEF):
A Basic User
A1 Beginner
A2 Elementary
B Independent User
B1 Intermediate
B2 Upper intermediate
C Proficient User
C1 Advanced
C2 Mastered / native speaker
English in
Dutch vocational education?
Sandra Wormgoor
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
13 October 2015
3 of 5 pass
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