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Ancient China Dynasty Timeline and Information

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Billy Room11

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Ancient China Dynasty Timeline and Information

ANCIENT CHINA BY BILLY .T. ANCIENT CHINA TIMELINE BCE 0 CE 2000 CE 2000 BCE 500 BCE 1000 BCE 1500 BCE 500 CE 1000 CE 1500 CE 2300 BCE Start of Xia Dynasty
2205 BCE End of Xia Dynasty
1766 BCE Length of Xia Dynasty Start of Shang Dynasty
17766 BCE End of Shang Dynasty
1122 BCE Start of Zhou Dynasty
1122 BCE End of Zhou Dynasty
221 BCE Start of Qin Dynasty
221 BCE End of Qin Dynasty
206 BCE Start of Han Dynasty
206 BCE End of Han Dynasty
221 CE Facts on Dynasties Xia Dynasty
Shang Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
Qin Dynasty
Han Dynasty Xia Dynasty The Xia Dynasty established through battles between two tribes that had long existed. The two battling tribes are the Xia tribe and Chiyou’s tribe. The Xia Dynasty was finally ended, when its last emperor Jie was forced to stoop down by his own people. shang Dynasty It was ruled by 30 different emperors through 17 generations and had massive changes after each generation. Zhou Dynasty The Zhou Dynasty was started by three men that were known and remembered as the leaders of china during that dynasty. Qin Dynasty The Qin Dynasty was established by a duke of the Zhou Dynasty who made a sate of Qin that grew and took over the states all around them. Han Dynasty The Han Dynasty was established when Prince of Han crushed the Army of Qin in Wei Valley and took over the Qin state. Length of Han Dynasty 206 BCE - 221 CE Length of Zhou Dynasty 1122 BCE - 221 BCE length of Qin Dynasty
221 BCE - 206 BCE 1766 BCE - 1122 BCE Length of Shang Dynasty 2205 BCE - 1766 BCE Paper was invented to
make it easier to write.
Invented by Cai Lun in
105 CE Great wall of china was
built during Qin Dynasty to keep the Mongol Nomads out. Built in 221 BCE - 206 BCE Parachute Invented to fly
in the sky and jump out of
planes. Invented in 90 BCE Wheelbarrow was invented
by Chucko Liang so farmers
can transport there supplies.
Invented around 200 CE Playing cards were invented
by the chinese in 700 CE Umbrella was invented to
block the sun.
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