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Buzz Lightyear Leadership Qualities

No description

Taylor Stratford

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Buzz Lightyear Leadership Qualities

Buzz Lightyear
Inclusive and Accepting
In the beginning...
Team Oriented
Star Command Space Ranger
By: Taylor Stratford
Andy Rytting
Tabby Watson
Hosonuma Taichi

Son of Zurg
Co-Leader of Andy's Toys
"And this is Buzz Lightyear, the coolest toy ever! Look! He can fly, oh, and shoot lasers! He's sworn to protect the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg!"
—Andy shows Buzz Lightyear to Bonnie
Buzz didn't hesitate to lead their group on a rescue journey to save Woody. He was Commander, but recognized and utilized each toy's strengths such as Slinky's stretching abilities and Mr. Potato Head's handy eyes and ears, which resulted in a successful journey. He understood the team wasn't complete without Woody.
In the third movie the group is stuck at Sunnyside Daycare without Woody. In the cowboy's absence, the other toys look to Buzz for leadership. He takes on the responsibility, listening to their concerns and using his problem solving techniques to find a solution.
Inclusive and Accepting
The team was effective and successful when led by Buzz.
Who has decision-making power?
This video shows a couple of Organization Structures. Buzz is sometimes, at the top of the organization structure, at the bottom, in a web structure and sometimes, nonhierarchical.
Relational Leadership Model
Save Woody!
A purpose motivates them, which is an essential element in the relational model.
: Individual engaging diversity. Everyone had a different job that only they could do.
: Maximizing organizational environment. They all become good friends. There should be no organizational environment that mitigates someone's perspective. Buzz and his friends trust each other. It is important to establish an organized environment that empowers others to do and be there best.
Buzz is always reliable (at least in the world of a toy). He is driven by the values and standards that: his friends should be together. He puts them before himself.
Process Oriented
: Challenging, collaborative and caring. Being process oriented means that the participants and the leader as a whole are conscious of their process. Buzz and his team all have the same goal and are able to communicate and complete their mission.
Submerged into a new environment
No toy was alike, and he got along with all them right off the bat (except woody)
Thought he was a space ranger, but still accepted all the toys and treated them the same even when he had a change in perspective and adapted to to his home.
Admirable Characteristics
His main goal is to keep his friends together
He is fearless and brave
Logical and great a problem solving
Action Centered leader (model in picture)
Great Communicator
Born to be a leader
Became a better leader when he started to care about others and how they felt.
Buzz was born to be a leader. The other toys instantly looked up to him.
Has a spanish mode
Good at salsa dancing
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