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Dracula ch. 1-8

No description

Bailey Knotts

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Dracula ch. 1-8

Dracula Bram Stoker By: Bailey Knotts Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 "Dracula" begins with the diary of Jonathan Harker. He is a solicitor making his way to Transylvania to sell some land in London to Count Dracula. The diary Harker keeps on his journey is very detailed because he wants to share all that has happened with his fiance, Mina Murray, when he returns. He begins his diary with descriptions of the scenery and new foods he has tried. He stays at a hotel the Count has recommended to him and there receives a letter that he is to take the next day's coach to Borgo Pass, where a carriage will pick him up and take him the rest of the way to the castle. The people of the land start acting mysteriously towards Jonothan: giving him crucifixes, crossing themselves, and saying prayers for him. He is confused by their odd treatment.When they arrive, there is no carriage waiting for Jonathan, but after severl minutes one comes. It is small, and as it makes its way up to the castle Harker grows more and more fearful for it is dark, spooky, and there are wolves howling. The driver stopped many times on the way to inspect a small blue flame. Finally, they arrive at the scary castle and at this point Jonathan is paralyzed by fear. Plot: Characters: Jonathan Harker, Count Dracula, townspeople Theme: Nature, Evil Setting: Traveling through the county of Europe, from London to Eastern Europe, Transylvania. Conflict: Jonathan is confused as to why the townspeople are treating him the way they are, and he grows very fearful as he arrives at Count Dracula's castle. As Jonathan looks at Dracula's castle, he begins to wonder what he has gotten himself into. The Count opens the old dusty door and welcomes him inside, The Count is described as old, tall, clad in black, pale, pointed ears, extremely sharp teeth, and has a white moustache. When the men shake hands, Harker is startled by the old guy's strength and how cold his hands are. Dracula has dinner ready for him, and Jonathan eats while they talk. The next day, with no Count present, Jonathan explores his room and the room attached to his. When the count returns, they talk in the library for the Count is eager to learn inflections of English speech before moving to his new estate. Harker becomes uneasy about the strange behavior of Count Dracula. The next day the Count interrupts Jonathan while shaving. The Count has no reflection and lunges at his guest at the sight of blood from a cut. Dracula throws the mirror out the window. Later, Harker does more exploring and realizes he is a prisoner and all the doors in the castle are locked. Plot: Characters: Jonathan Harker, Count Dracula Theme: Fear Setting: Count Dracula's Castle Conflict: Jonathan Harker grows fearful of the Count's strange behavior. All the doors are locked in the castle and realizes he is a prisoner. Harker begins to question the Count about the history of Transylvania. Dracula tells of the events so specifically, it is like he had actually been there himself. In the next few days, the Count tells Jonanthan to write letters to his fiance and boss telling them he his stay in Transylvania will be extended by a month. Jonathan is warned to never fall asleep anywhere in the castle besides in his room. Looking out his window, Harker sees Dracula crawling down the side of the castle like an animal, he then wonders what kind of creature he might be and if he will ever return home. A few days later Jonathan goes exploring at night, and falls asleep in a room other than his. He was visited by three ladies with red lips and sharp teeth. These women give him a burning desire and just as one bends down and touches her lips on Jonathan's neck, Dracula comes in furious and sends them away with a small bag which seemed to have a small child in it. The women fade out of the room as Harker drifts into unconsiousness. Plot: Characters: Jonathan Harker, Count Dracual, three beautiful women with red lips and sharp teeth. Setting: Count Dracula's Castle Conflict: Jonathan sees Dracula crawl down the side of the castle and is visited by the three beautiful women that tried to suck his blood. Theme: Fear, Dreams Harker wakes up in his own bed ans isn't sure if last night's event had actually happened or if it was a bad dream. Later, Dracula asks Harker to write letters dated for early June even though it is only May, telling that he is on his way home. Jonathan writes another letter to Mina in secret, it is in shorthand and he drops it from his window to some Gypsies asking them to deliver it. Dracula shows up with that letter in hand and burns it in front of Harker. Several weeks pass, Harker notices some gypsy men unloading big boxes and Dracula has taken Jonathan's clothes and is wearing them out. He also sees a mother wailing for her child outside the castle, a pack of wolves show up and devour her. Jonathan then crawls into the Count's room from the window, this is a very risky move on his part but he feels it is his only hope. He only finds gold in the room, but sees a stairway and follows it. He discovers big boxes full of earth, and finds the Count in one of them. This terrifies him and he flees back to his room. On June 29, Jonathan is promised he can leave the castle the next day. Harker demands to leave immediately and as he goes to leave their is a pack of wolves waiting outside the door for him so he decides to stay. Harker goes to his room to pray for his safety. and in the morning returns to the boxes of earth and find Dracula there again. He looks younger and has blood trickling down the corners of his mouth. Jonathan takes advantage of this time and tries to kill the Count with a shovel but that only infuriates Dracula, and he resolves to make an escape climbing out his window and down the wall of the castle. Plot: Characters: Jonathan Harker, Count Dracula, distraught mother, and some gypsy men. Setting: Count Dracula's Castle Theme: Fear, Evil Conflict: Jonathan is faced with many terrifying events, such as the distraught mother, pack of wolves, and attempt to kill the Count. Mina Murry and her friend Lucy Westerna, exchange letters about the men in their lives and their romances. Mina devotes herself to making herself useful to her husband and studies shorthand and typewriting while he is away on his journey. Mina tells that she is relieved to know Jonathan is finally on his way home and Lucy tells of proposals of three men: Dr. Seward, Quincey Morris, and Arthur Holmwood. Arthur has Lucy's heart. This exchange is followed by a diary entry by Dr. Seward, a director of a lunatic asylum, he tells of his rejected proposal and occupies himself on studying a new patient named Renfield. Then, Quincey Morris congratulates Arthur on his engagement in a letter. Plot: Characters: Mina Murray, Lucy Westerna, Dr. Seward, Arthur Holmwood, and Quincey Morris. Setting: London, England. Conflict: Lucy is proposed to by three men and two have heart break. Theme: Romance, Study In her diary, Mina writes of her visit with Lucy in the town of Whitby. The ruined abbey there is known to be haunted, but Mr. Swales, an elderly friend of the girls, tells them stories that scoff at such legends. He mentions that most of the graves are empty anyways for the men were lost at sea. Later, Mina listens to the wedding plans of Lucy and thinks about how she has not heard from Jonathan in a month. Dr. Seward continues to study and report on his patient Renfield who he now classifies as a "zoophagous" because he is a life- eating maniac, who desires to consume as many lives as he can. He eats flies, spiders, and birds. Meanwhile, Mina expresses her concerm for both her friend Lucy and her fiance. She still has not heard form Jonathan and Lucy is beginning to sleepwalk. Mina runs into Mr. Swales again, he tells her that he thinks he should die soon. The two see a ship drifting offshore and assume if it is anything special they will sure hear news of it in the following days. Plot: Characters: Mina Murray, Lucy Westerna, Dr. Seward, Renfield, and Mr. Swales Setting: London, England Theme: Friendship, Sorrrow Conflict: Mina is worried about Lucy's sleepwalking and that she has not heard anything of Jonahtan in a month. Newspaper clippings show that the ship Mina and Mr. Swales saw is called "Demeter". Some things strange had happened with the ship. In the night it had washed up on shore during a fierce storm, the captain was the only one on board and he was dead. He was found tied to the wheel of the ship with a crucifix in his hand. A huge dog was spotted leaping from the ship upon the landing, but no one has seen the dog since. Among board the ship are a bunch of wooden boxes full of earth. Sections from the captains log tell of what happened on board during the journey. There was sightings of a tall thin man and crew members began disappearing, until finally everyone on board was dead and gone. Going back to Mina's journal she describes her night of the fierce storm. She continued to have fear for Jonathan and Lucy. Mina reports that Lucy has been exceptionally restless but connects it with the recent death of Mr. Swales who was found dead in his home with a broken neck and look of horror on his face. Plot: Characters: Mina Murray, Lucy Westerna, and Mr. Swales Setting: London, England Conflict: "Demeter's" landing has caused many strange occurances around the town. Mina continues to have fears for Lucy and Jonathan. Mr. Swales is found dead. Theme: Worry, Death After many sleepwalking episodes, Mina wakes to find Lucy's bed empty. She immediately goes to look for her and finds her in her sitting at her favorite bench in the churchyard. She notices a dark figure bending over Lucy, as she approaches she sees his red eyes and pale skin. By the time Mina reaches Lucy, the figure is gone. Lucy seems to be asleep but is gasping for air. So, Mina awakens her, pins her up in her shaw, and helps her back to bed. In doing so, she notices to bloody pricks on Lucy's neck and assumes she must have injured her while putting on the shaw. The following nights Mina prevents Lucy from leaving the room during her sleepwalks. The two women go for a walk. They stop to watch the sun set, and see a dark figure in the churchyard. Lucy comments on it and tells something of his red, glowing eyes. That night Mina wakes and Lucy is sitting up in her bed pointing at a large bat at the window. Mina grows very concerned for Lucy, her mother, and Jonathan. Lucy grows pale and haggard over the next few days. Mina finally recieves news of Jonathan, he is in a Buda-Pest hospital suffering brain fever. She plans to leave and be with him. Dr. Seward has noted odd behavior in Renfield, who has escaped to the chapel and speaks of this master that he must obey. Plot: Characters: Mina Murray, Lucy Westerna, Dr. Seward, and Renfield, Conflict: Lucy's encounter with the dark figure and her deteriorating health. Jonathan suffering from brain fever. Setting: London, England Theme: Spooky, Sickness
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