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Lucy Calkins Training

Teacher professional development on Lucy Calkins 2013 Writing Units of Study (aligned the the CCSS)

Amy Stoeckly

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Lucy Calkins Training

How to use Lucy Calkins'
Writing Units of Study
June 2013

Whoot hoo...
new writing curriculum for you

What do we want from our
We are owl in
this together!
Whoo knows how we should test
& teach?
Using student work to guide instruction
How do we get them there?
Jigsaw: A Guide to the
Common Core Writing Workshop
CCSS: Portrait of Literate Individual
We will need to work together in our grade level and
in our school.
Afternoon Breakout session
by grade level
Unit 1:
Read, teach, write, assessment & discussion
End of Day Conversations:
How we will support each other during PLC time?
Launching it in your room?
give us a hoot
if you need some support
conferring with one
Closer look at a mini-lesson
Hope all of this makes you want to hoot!
(in a good way!)
Off to work in grade level break outs
-See Wendy if you need to take care of signing up for credit
-Call on any of us today if you have questions as you work through Unit 1.
Thanks for coming today!
Wendy, Amy & Jodi
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