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My Culture

No description

Amy Driscoll

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of My Culture

Where do you come from?
I would mostly consider myself to be German. I am also Swedish and either Russian or Polish.

My mom and dad divorced at a young age and my dad's family did not share as much of their background with us, and at times seemed to hide it from us.
My Culture
Christmas Stolen
German Customs and traditions
German Shepherd dog
Calling Grandparents
Mama and Papa which
are the German words for
Mom and Dad.
Great Grandfather: Johann Kraft
Changed to Jack Kraft
Born in Danzig Germany
Moved to US in 1890
Worked as a machinest
Great Grandmother:
Freida Meta Sucksdorf
Born in Illinois in 1984

Doris Larson was born in Chicago. Her family were strict Baptists. She had a sister and a half brother.
My Grandmother did not graduate from High School . She only finished 8th grade. She did not have a driver's license until the 1990's.
The Larson Family
My Dad's Mom
My Great Grandfather: Karp Gregory Mazeychik
Born in Sobole, Russia/Poland in 1895.
The highest grade he completed in school was 6th grade.
He came to the US in 1927.
He worked as a cabinet maker. His name was changed to Carl George Mussay.
My Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Kozlowski
Born in Illinois in 1903.
She completed the 8th grade.
They married in 1923.
Her mother Mary Gorska immigrated from Poland in 1892.
Great Grandfather & Grandmother
The Brehme Family
WIlhelm was born in 1898 in Germany.
He grew up as an orphan in Germany.
Wilhelm Brehm immigrated to the
US in 1925.
He moved to Chicago, and worked as
a carpenter.
We still have shelves and furniture that
he made.
Elsie Gerstenberger was born in Saxony, Germany
in 1901 . She was a homemaker.
Her parents, Arno & Freida, also born in Saxony
immigrated to the US in 1923.
My Great Grandparents
Charles John Kraft was born in Chicago in 1919.
He had 2 brothers and a sister.
He worked as a machinist.
Charlie married Gerdie in 1941.
He died in 1969.
The Kraft Family
My Mama was born in Gotha, Germany in 1921. My Grandma came to the US in 1925.
She went to Chicago State College and became a Kindergarten Teacher
My Dad's Side
Mussay Family
My Grandfather, Donald Mussay was born in Illinois in 1929.
He left home at 16 and hitchhiked across the country and ended up in Seattle doing odd jobs and the worked in the shipyards in Bremerton, WA.
He never graduated from High School. t. He married Doris Larson in 1954.
He was very much of a jokester and an outdoorsman. He had an older brother Marsh, and a younger sister Jean.
My Mom's Side
My dad is the oldest of 4 kids. He was born in Chicago
Great Grandfather and Grandmother Larsson
My great grandfather was Karl Algot Larsson.
Came to the US for the first time in 1917 from Karlstad, Vaarmland Sweden.
He married Ester Karlsson in 1917 in Chicago.
In 1921 they return to Sweden and then back to the US in 1923.
Ester died in 1925.
Married Ellen Lundquist in 1929 in Chicago.
My great grandmother was Ellen Lundquist
Born in Lulea Norrbotton, Sweden in 1899.
She came to the US in 1926.
Dalecarlian Horses & Swedish Flags
Russian/Polish & Swedish Traditions
Middle Name Same for all boys in the family
Immigrating to the US
Great Grandparents
Gerstenberger Family
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