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No description

Ryan Walters

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Sustainability

An Integrated Approach
Sustainability in Architecture
What is the ideal?
What have we done in the past?
How can we move toward the ideal?
the ideal
what is it we do?
lead + design + deliver
program | budget | aesthetic
program | budget | aesthetic
probably like this guy... he could do it all
how would an ideal firm handle leadership, design and delivery?
an ideal firm can do it all and do it all well...
present / future
power | average | speed | glove | arm
program | budget | aesthetic |
current and past efforts
the pioneering time
Kevin Patterson
Larry Jordan
Ryan Walters
Philip Korthanke
Staley High School
Bell Prairie Elementary
Ray-Pec Middle School
Forest View Elementary
Madison Place Elementary
Warrensburg Elementary
Park Hill Elementary
Herington Elementary
green givens
2004 + 2010
successful as a marketing tool
member 2007
Chris Heinz
John Ho
Sarah Dornbush
Ryan Walters
is this a green project?
potential road map
its the journey that matters - not the summit
"Create a
atmosphere conducive to fostering a
healthy curiosity and diligence of strong minded effort
pertaining to sustainable design within our
collective design process. "
Make sustainable design considerations a consistent and integral part of the general design process.
action items
1 - enable and encourage individual expertise
1. create a digital sustainable resource library
2. utilize the DesignU platform for education
3. raise the number of LEED APs in the office
monetary incentive's for passing LEED AP test
2 - enable and encourage sustainable design
grass roots effort
work closely with the design resource leader to integrate sustainable considerations into the lexicon of our design language
quality control
work with the quality control team to develop a specific Hollis + Miller sustainable design baseline to be utilized as a starting point for all projects
3 - capitalize on our trusted consultant's expertise
annually evaluate the way we work together to maximize our collective talents
4 - bolster market leadership
grass roots effort
work closely with the design resource leader to integrate sustainable considerations into the lexicon of our design language
1. sustainable resource leader hours
2. sustainable R&D budget (approval process)
3. semi-annual reporting and goal setting with partners and associates
4. future return of the green team
(role of the sustainable design resource leader / coordinator?)
establish a presence
"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."
Winston Churchill
raise the bar
4. lead by example - partner(s) to become LEED AP
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