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My First Semester At West Campus

No description

thianna ngo

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of My First Semester At West Campus

My First Semester At West Campus

First Day
- Terrified like nothing else

- Excited to start something new

- Overwhelmed by the environment

First Period: Computers
- Unexpextedly fun with Mr. Ousley

- Enjoyed being around friends

- Bored with the rubric

- Left class HAPPY
Second Period: P.E.
- Listened to P.E units

- Moved into rolecall spots

Third period:

- First Reaction:
Ms. traver coughs a lot
- Very Boring

- Doesn't dismiss until after bell

- An easy A...hopefully
Fourth period:
- Interesting chapters

- Trust in my teacher immediately

- Ms. Bestgen is humorous

By Thianna Ngo
Fifth Period: Spanish
Sixth period: Math
First Month
First Rally
Soccer Season
Second Semester Gooaaallsss
- What did she just say

- Senora Tarman spoke fluently in Spanish

- Very Enthusiastic

- Es muy divertida y comico
- Ms. Trinh = dry sense of humor

- Plain white class = not inviting

- Math = least favorite subject

- All in all I love the environment
- My teachers inspire me

- Lucky to be at WC

- Looking forward to rest of the year
- Conditioning started in Decmber

- Tryouts are February 15th

- Anxious, nervous, and excited

- Loud,
- exciting
- overwheming
- Lost my voice
- Improve my grades

- Make the varsity Soccer team

- Time management
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