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Joint Associazione di Promozione Sociale

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on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Joint Associazione di Promozione Sociale

JOINT Associazione di promozione sociale President : Francesco Maria Malaspina Via Giovanola, 25/C – IT-20142 MILANO -ITALIA Project coordinator : Tommaso Pescetto Cosentino In October 2012 the association has more than a dozen volunteers OUR MISSION : Joint plans and organizes activities for young people, involving as much as possible those who have fewer opportunities. ACTIVITIES

1. Host and sending volunteers with European programs (EVS, Leonardo da Vinci...)

2. Participate and organize youth European exchanges about youth issues such as:

youth participation in society, racism, xenophobia, local heritage, environment, drug abuse

3. Arrange training courses OUR GOALS

1. To educate youngsters to a peaceful cohabitation with people coming from different cultures, countries and social conditions;

2. To promote active and responsible citizenship among young people


JOINT has a global network and it's present around Europe, America and Africa, with a lot of partnerships with our European neighbours FIND THE EXCHANGES OR TRAININGS AVAILABLE


www.scambiinternazionali.it LATEST EXCHANGES

08/2012 : Food for Thought in Pantai Rei, Italy : - Awareness and appreciation of different cultures through food and life.

Current Project : 27/10/2012 - 5/11/2012 : Act for Change, Milano, Italy : Unemployment and social disadvantages.
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